Message from Leadership

CNBC Italy Interview

Broadcasted in September, 2021

Teiichi Goto, President and CEO, Representative Director appeared in the news program*1 of Italian broadcast “CNBC Italy”. The program featured a special segment on healthcare to coincide with the G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting (held on September 2021 in Rome). In the interview, Goto explained about Fujifilm’s vision and its initiatives in healthcare area.

For Fujifilm’s vision, Goto answered, “we would like to continue to be a company that contributes to solving social issues through businesses in the four areas of healthcare, materials business innovation, and imaging.” “As a company that is needed and trusted by society, we would like to continue to refine the current corporate culture in which employees work with pride.”

Also, in response to the social healthcare issues such as the shortage of human resources and increased burden on medical staff, Goto explained, “Fujifilm provides the Picture Archiving Communication Systems and a wide variety of medical devices in combination with AI technology that can be used for supporting medical image diagnostic, supporting and streamlining workflows in the clinical settings.” “Solving a pile of social issues through our technologies, products and services is the foundation of our business management and Fujifilm aims to become a total healthcare company that covers all areas of human health from prevention through diagnosis and treatment.”

  • *1 CNBC Italy, broadcasted on September 5, 2021, excerpt from Goto’s interview video