News Release

April 1, 2021

Fujifilm Launches New Global Branding Campaigns:
“NEVER STOP 2021” and “Accelerate your business success.”

TOKYO, April 1, 2021 – FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the launch of two new global branding campaigns. The “NEVER STOP 2021”, global campaign showcases Fujifilm’s commitment to resolving social challenges through a wide-range of Fujifilm products, technologies, and services. Additionally, to highlight the business transition of Fuji Xerox to FUJIFILM Business Innovation, the company launched the “Accelerate your business success.” campaign.

The “NEVER STOP” campaign first debuted globally in 2018 with the goal of raising awareness of Fujifilm's commitment to achieving sustained corporate growth and to “never stop” building on our innovations and expertise. The campaign also represents Fujifilm’s successful transformation from a photographic film manufacturer to a company contributing to resolving social challenges through a wide-range of business fields.

“NEVER STOP 2021” campaign showcases Fujifilm’s diverse products and solutions that are helping to make the world a better place.  The campaign both highlights on document solution business of Fujifilm Business Innovation and innovative solutions to healthcare across prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

In demonstrating its commitment to growing its healthcare offering, Fujifilm recently expanded its diagnostic imaging business with the acquisition of Hitachi Healthcare Ltd on March 31st, 2021. As a comprehensive healthcare company, the campaign is highlighting the healthcare solutions and innovative technologies of the company, such as image processing and AI technologies.

“NEVER STOP 2021” campaign will be rolled out to Japan, United States, Europe, China, India, Australia, Singapore and other regions and countries.

‘NEVER STOP 2021’ special webpage

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‘NEVER STOP - New Commitment’ video (60 seconds): 
‘NEVER STOP - New Commitment’ video (30 seconds):

Under the Fujifilm brand, FUJIFILM Business Innovation will continue to innovate the customers’  businesses. By supporting their working environment with solutions and services leveraging cloud, AI, and IoT technologies, customers will be able to achieve greater productivity and efficiency. We plan to roll out promotions in Japan, China, and other countries and regions in Asia and Oceania.

‘Accelerate your business success.’ special webpage

‘FUJIFILM Business Innovation.The New Way Forward! ‘ video (30 seconds): 

Production Staff

 “NEVER STOP 2021” campaign

US Team:
Executive Creative Director

Mike Tittel

Strategy Director

Georgia Bradley

Creative Director - Copywriter

Bruce Rinderman

Creative Director – Art

Gerry Pasqualetti

Associate Director - Video Production

Stanly Hsu

Associate Director - Studio Production

Julio Matos

Japan Team:
Creative Director

Yusuke Ozawa

Art Director

Tomoya Shingae


Masashi Shitaohbora

Creative Producer

Rie Konta

Advertising Agency

Dentsu Inc./gyro

“Accelerate your business success.” campaign

Creative Director & Planner

Masahiko Okabe
Yasuhisa Nito
Hiroshi Yoda

Global Producer

Yuzuru Hasegawa


Marc X Grigoroff

Art Director

Tetsuya Tsukamoto

Creative Producer

Rie Konta

Executive Producer

Takaharu Hatori


Yohta Mizozoe

Production manager

Kento Murakami
Asuka Shiragami


Takafumi Shindo

Advertising Agency

Dentsu Inc.


FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation,
Corporate Communications Division,
Advertising Group

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