FUJIFILM Holdings sets target for renewable energy usage

-Adopting renewable energies to cover 50% of electricity purchased by FY2031/3
-Increasing the renewable energy ratio to 100% by FY2051/3 to aim for zero carbon emissions in all energy used

News Release

January 10, 2019

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has set its target for renewable energy* usage for fiscal year ending March 2031 (FY2031/3). The target is to switch to electricity derived from renewable resources to account for 50% of its overall purchased electricity by FY2031/3. The company further aims to achieve zero carbon emissions in all of the energies used by FY2051/3, by switching 100% of purchased electricity to renewable energies and adopting the latest technologies such as using hydrogen fuel for in-house power generation systems.

[Figure]Future trend of energy composition ratio

The Paris Agreement, which is a set of international rules on climate change effectuated in November 2016, aims to “keep a global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.” One of the keys to achieving this target lies in promoting the usage of renewable energies. Fujifilm Group has been actively adopting the use of electricity derived from renewable resources, as seen in the introduction of solar power at one of its production sites, FUJIFILM Kyushu in Japan, and the use of wind power at FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe based in the Netherlands.

Today, Fujifilm Group uses purchased electricity for about half of its energy use while operating in-house power generation systems to cover the remaining half. It now aims to switch to electricity derived from renewable resources for 50% of electricity it purchases by FY2031/3.
Highly functional films that the Fujifilm Group produces, including films used in displays, require high-temperature steam in some of its manufacturing processes such as film formation and drying. For this reason, the company uses in-house co-generation systems capable of generating high-temperature steam required for film-formation and drying processes and electricity for use in other processes at the same time, so as to maintain a high level of energy efficiency in manufacturing. The goal for FY2031/3 is to continue using the in-house co-generation systems to pursue even higher energy efficiency, while switching to electricity derived from renewable resources for half of electricity purchased for manufacturing of other products as well as other business activities.

The company has also set a goal to be achieved by FY2051/3, such as using renewable energies for 100% of electricity purchased. It also aims to achieve zero carbon emissions in all energies used by adopting the latest technologies including the usage of hydrogen fuel, currently in the stage of technological verification, to replace natural gas as the primary fuel for in-house co-generation systems, and usage of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, now being developed for practical application.

The Fujifilm Group is currently promoting a CSR plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030),” specifying targets to be achieved by FY2031/3. SVP2030 defines four key areas, namely the “environment,” “health,” “daily life” and “work style,” examined the perspectives of “considering environmental and social impacts through business processes” and “resolving social issues through business activities.” For the area of the “environment,” the plan sets numerical targets including “a 30% reduction in the volume of CO2 emitted across the entire product lifecycle compared to FY2014/3.”
Through promoting the SVP2030 based on long-term perspectives, the Fujifilm Group will accelerate the introduction and utilization of renewable energies so as to contribute to the realization of non-carbon society.

  • *  Solar, wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal and other types of energies that can be renewed after use within a relatively short period of time. While oil, coal and other fossil fuels are limited energy resources, renewable energies do not deplete and can be used indefinitely.


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