Fujifilm launches the new FUJIFILM Creative AI Center, “Brain(s) Kyushu”

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January 21, 2019

-New Fujifilm Group facility for developing next-generation AI technology in Nagasaki, Kyushu
-Accelerating the delivery of solutions for efficient infrastructure diagnosis through collaboration with Nagasaki Prefecture and Nagasaki University

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it will open a new research facility called the “Brain(s) Kyushu” in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture on March 1 this year. The move follows the establishment of the “FUJIFILM Creative AI Center Brain(s)” in Marunouchi, Tokyo in October last year, a site to research and develop next-generation AI technology. The Brain(s) Kyushu will initially collaborate with Nagasaki Prefectural Government, which has accumulated extensive data on the maintenance and management of social infrastructures including bridges, and Nagasaki University's Graduate School of Engineering, which has comprehensive expertise in civil engineering. The collaboration allows the new research center to explore next-generation AI technology for streamlining the inspection and diagnosis of social infrastructures including bridges, and carry out social implementation of AI-based solutions. The Brain(s) Kyushu strives to not only work on the diagnostics of social infrastructures, but also develop and provide IT solutions for resolving social issues in a variety of fields.

FUJIFILM Holdings has been involved in the development of AI technology capable of reading various information from images, primarily in the fields of image diagnostics and general photography. The technology has been used to offer various AI-based services including an image diagnostic service that dramatically streamlines the task of finding cracks on bridges, tunnels and other social infrastructures. In October 2018, the company opened the FUJIFILM Creative AI Center Brain(s) in Marunouchi, Tokyo, as a facility to develop next-generation AI technology in collaboration with the academic sector. Various data obtained from its broad-based business activities is combined with imaging information to develop AI technology that makes integral data interpretation and judgment to support frontline operations. The Brain(s) centers will be used not only as the R&D sites for Fujifilm Group's AI engineers, but also as the places of close research collaborations with the academic sector, bringing together the “knowledge = brain” of all participating institutions to strongly promote the development of next-generation AI technology.

The “Brain(s) Kyushu” center, to be opened this time, combines FUJIFILM Holdings' image-analyzing AI technology with Nagasaki University's expertise in civil engineering and the maintenance and management of social infrastructures to jointly develop AI technology to be used for inspecting the soundness of such social infrastructures. With cooperation from Nagasaki Prefectural Government, the center will also apply its AI technology to inspect bridges and other infrastructures across the prefecture for technological verification.
Nagasaki is a Japanese prefecture that has the largest number of islands, linked by numerous bridges. Nagasaki University set up the Infrastructures Lifetime-Extending Maintenance Research Center in 2007 to conduct research on the maintenance and management of bridges. The university's School of Medicine and School of Engineering are also involved in a project to develop human resources in manufacturing technology for the healthcare field and other unique joint initiatives aimed at bridging academic research with practical applications in local communities. FUJIFILM Holdings will work with Nagasaki Prefectural Government and Nagasaki University to develop AI technology that incorporates expertise in solving actual social issues and challenges so as to accelerate the practical implementation of AI-based solutions.

FUJIFILM Software Co., Ltd., a Fujifilm Group company that designs and implements state-of-the-art Fujifilm's AI / IT solutions, plans to establish a branch in the Brain(s) Kyushu starting from April 2020. The Brain(s) Kyushu will expand its functions and personnel to become a site capable of handling all processes from R&D to product development. Furthermore, with assistance from Nagasaki Prefectural Government for IT human resource development and recruitment, the center will provide a valuable workplace for engineers with advanced IT expertise, wishing to find employment in the Kyushu region.

FUJIFILM Holdings will continue to strongly promote the development of AI technology that can be applied to a wide range of fields to deliver innovative products and solutions that can resolve issues facing our society.

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Brain(s) Kyushu


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