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Sustainability Report 2007

  • Top Commitment

  • Editorial Policy

  • Business Overview


Top Commitment

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  • Enhancing Quality of Life through Products and Services

  • Enhancing Quality of Life through Our Relationship with Society

  • Pursuing Quality of Life through Communication


  • Overview of CSR Activities and Looking to the Future

  • Identifying Important Themes in CSR

  • Stakeholder Dialogue in 2007


  • CSR Management

  • Corporate Governance

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Management Systems

  • CSR Activities at Overseas Sites


CSR Management

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  • Communication with Stakeholders

  • Communication with Customers

  • Communication with Shareholders and Investors

  • Relationships with Our Suppliers

  • Communication with Our Employees

  • Contributing to the Community


  • Implementation of Environmental Activities

  • Fujifilm Group Green Policy

  • Business Activities and the Environmental Burden

  • Design for Environment

  • Chemical Substance Management

  • Working to Prevent Global Warming

  • Environmental Measures in Logistical Operations

  • Resource Conservation Activities

  • Reducing Emissions of Chemical Substances

  • Reducing Emissions in the Atmosphere, Soil and Water

  • Sustainability Accounting

  • Environmental Communication


  • Domestic and International Appraisals,

  • Awards and Complaints

  • Third-Party Evaluation Comments with Reference to AA1000 Assurance Standard

  • Report on Third-Party Review

  • Index


FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation Sustainability Report 2007 is the first edition of the report to be issued under FUJIFILM Holdings. FUJIFILM Holdings provides support to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities of the Fujifilm Group.
We have put together this Sustainability Report to convey the CSR activities of the Fujifilm Group to its stakeholders.
In the Feature (P.9-26), we introduce the efforts being made for "Enhancing Quality of Life," which is part of our corporate philosophy. In "Toward Sustainable Development" (P.27-28), we introduce the "Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR" and provide a report on our CSR efforts, organized into three sections — "CSR Management," "Social Activities Report" and an "Environmental Activities Report" — that respond to comments from our stakeholders, centered on the progress we have made this year.

The fiscal year 2006 is covered in the performance data (April 2006—March 2007).
Wherever possible, we have conveyed the most recent trends including activities in the fiscal year 2007.

The Fujifilm Group (FUJIFILM Holdings, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox and their affiliates) and major consolidated companies shown on page 6.

The Social Report "Relationship with Employees" basically covers data on Fujifilm.
Sustainability accounting covers Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox and the domestic affiliates of Fujifilm shown on page 82.

  • Ministry of the Environment: Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2003 version)

  • GRI: Sustainable Reporting Guidelines 2006

  • Ministry of the Environment: Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005 version)