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Sustainability Report 2012

  • Top Commitment

  • Editorial Policy

  • The Fujifilm Group's Business and CSR

  • Corporate Philosophy—The Unchanging Values of the Fujifilm Group/Vision—Fujifilm Group's Ideals/Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior


Top Commitment

PDF: 1.7MB

  • Part 1 Contributing to the Development of the Medical Field by Meeting Local Challenges in Each Country

  • Part 2 Resolving Unmet Medical Needs by Taking Multiple Approaches

  • Part 3 Taking on the Challenge of Reducing CO2 Emissions by 30% through Environmental Innovations

  • Part 4 Supporting the Effective Use of Solar Energy with Film Technologies


  • The Fujifilm Group's Medium-Term CSR Plan

  • Quality Improvement in Compliance and Risk Management Activities

  • Corporate Governance

  • Overall View of the Environmental Burden of the Fujifilm Group

  • Promoting Anti-Global Warming Measures

  • Design for Environment

  • Effective Use of Resources

  • Biodiversity Conservation

  • Improving Chemical Substance Management

  • Effective Utilization and Training of Human Resources

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Integration of Business and Social Contributions

  • Improved Communications with Stakeholders

  • column 1: Power-saving measures in response to the chronic power shortages.

  • column 2: Fujifilm Group offers a hand in recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake


Activity Report

PDF: 5.0MB

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Communication with Customers and Suppliers

  • Personnel and Labor (FUJIFILM Corporation)

  • Personnel and Labor (Fuji Xerox)

  • Environmental Aspects

  • Sustainability Accounting (Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting, Environmental Accounting)

  • Domestic and International Appraisals


  • Third-Party Opinion

  • Fujifilm Group Business Overview

  • Fujifilm Group Organization Overview


FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation Sustainability Report 2012 comprises three parts: "Feature: Meeting Global Challenges with the Power of Technology"; "CSR Activity Report"; and "Data and Information." These areas are based on the keywords, providing value through corporate activities, global, and overall capabilities.

The conceptual diagram on the right shows our editorial policy and the structure of information included in this report.

Fiscal year 2011 (April 1, 2011—March 31, 2012) is covered in the performance data. With regards to the contents of activities, wherever possible, we have conveyed the most recent trends, including activities in fiscal 2012.

The Fujifilm Group (FUJIFILM Holdings, FUJIFILM Corporation and its affiliates, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates, Toyama Chemical, and FUJIFILM Business Expert)

  • Major consolidated companies are shown here.

  • Quantitative information about personnel and labor affairs is nonconsolidated data for FUJIFILM Corporation and Fuji Xerox.

  • The scope of Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting is shown here.The scope of Environmental Accounting is shown here.