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Sustainability Report 2013

  • Top Commitment

  • Editorial Policy

  • The Fujifilm Group's Business and CSR

  • Corporate Philosophy—The Unchanging Values of the Fujifilm Group/Vision—Fujifilm Group's Ideals/Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior


Top Commitment

PDF: 1.4MB

  • Part 1 Healthcare : Nose Provides a Pathway Easy on the Patient’s Body and Mind

  • Part 2 Document Solutions : Energy Conservation Thought Up and Implemented by All Our Employees

  • Part 3 Highly Functional : Materials Converting "Waste Heat" into Electrical Power

  • Part 4 Graphic Systems : Pursuing Ultimately Eco-Friendly Offset Printing through the 100% Process-Less CTP Technology


  • Corporate Governance

  • CSR Management

  • Social and Environmental Impact Arising from Fujifilm Group Activities

  • Quality Improvement in Compliance and Risk Management Activities

  • Promoting Anti-Global Warming Measures

  • Development and Dissemination of Environmentally Conscious Products and Services

  • Effective Use of Resources

  • Biodiversity Conservation

  • Improving Chemical Substance Management

  • Respect for Human Rights

  • Effective Utilization and Training of Human Resources

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Promoting CSR Among Our Suppliers

  • Integration of Business and Social Contributions

  • Products and Services which Reflect Our Customesrs’ Views


  • Fujifilm Promotes Mammography in the Middle East

  • Holding an international environmental meeting in Japan and regional environmental meetings in North America, Europe and China

  • Formulating internal guideline for calculations of greenhouse gas emissions based on the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol

  • Creating a G-up Gathering as part of the "G-up" activities to improve the strengths of the workplace, even attended by Mr. Nakajima, our company president, himself

  • Conflict Minerals

  • Activities to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

  • Customer Co-Creation Laboratory between Fuji Xerox and its customers, which aims for the creation of new values together with our customers

[Column Stakeholder Dialogue]

  • Debate on future environmental measures demanded of the printing industry

  • Four Fujifilm Group companies in the Kaisei district of Kanagawa Prefecture held an environmental dialogue meeting with local people


Activity Report

PDF: 7.9MB

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Communication with Customers and Suppliers

  • Personnel and Labor (FUJIFILM Corporation)

  • Personnel and Labor (Fuji Xerox)

  • Environmental Aspects

  • Sustainability Accounting (Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting, Environmental Accounting)

  • Domestic and International Appraisals


  • Third-Party Opinion

  • Fujifilm Group Business Overview

  • Fujifilm Group Organization Overview

  • GRI Guideline Comparison Tables

  • ISO26000 Comparison Table