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Sustainability Report 2016

[Picture]Sustainability Report 2016

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  • Top Commitment

  • Fujifilm Group's Approach to a Sustainable Society

  • Fujifilm Group's Technologies and Businesses

  • Fujifilm Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Top Commitment

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  • <Promotion policy1> Contribute to solving social issues concerning the environment, people's health, daily life, and working style through our products and services.

  • [Health]

  • [Daily Life]

  • [Environment]

  • [Working Style]

  • <Promotion policy2> Solve environmental issues within business processes actively.

  • [Priority issue 1] Promote Global Warming Countermeasures

  • [Priority issue 2] Promote Resource Recycling

  • [Priority issue 3] Ensure Product and Chemical Safety

  • <promotion policy 2> Topics

  • <Promotion policy3> Enhance the CSR framework supporting the corporate activities across the value chain.

  • [Priority issue 1] Raise Compliance Awareness and Ensure Risk Management

  • [Priority issue 2] Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources

  • [Priority issue 3] Enhance Value Chain Management from the Viewpoint of CSR

  • <Promotion policy 3> Topics


  • Products and Services which Reflect Our Customers' Views

  • Social Contribution Activities


  • Corporate Governance

  • CSR Management

  • <Stakeholders Communication> Topics



PDF: 438KB

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Personnel and Labor (FUJIFILM Corporation)

  • Personnel and Labor (Fuji Xerox)

  • Environmental Aspects

  • Domestic and International Appraisals

  • Sustainability Accounting (Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting, Environmental Accounting)


  • Independent Assurance Report

  • Third-Party Opinion

  • Fujifilm Group Organization and Business Overview

  • Editorial Policy