90th Toward Tomorrow

'A diverse group of people gathering with smiles, lying down and looking up.'

Fujifilm Group's Purpose

Giving our world more smiles

We bring diverse ideas, unique capabilities, and extraordinary people together to change the world.

To celebrate our 90th anniversary, we are introducing our first Fujifilm Group’s Purpose to showcase our value to society and our role in the world.
For the last 90 years, the Fujifilm Group, has brought smiles to the faces of people around the world, and we will continue to connect with them through our wide range of innovative products and services. With our new Group Purpose as our guide and aspiration, we will increase the number of smiles in the world.


We will give our world more smiles by providing innovative value.

'Teiichi Goto : President, Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer'

On the occasion of Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our past and current customers, partners and employees, who have supported us throughout our long history.

Established in 1934 as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. with the mission of producing photographic film for the Japanese domestic market, we have continued to evolve our proprietary technologies and introduce groundbreaking products and services to delight customers around the world. In 2000, we faced the unprecedented crisis of losing our core photographic film business to the rapid progress of digitalization. Despite this cultural shift, we reaffirmed our mission to protect and nurture the art of photography and carried on with the strategic realignment of our photographic business. At the same time, we developed new pillars of growth in healthcare and high-performance materials, and accomplished a major transformation into a company that innovates in a diverse range of businesses on a global scale. Our experience and resilience in overcoming challenges has honed our speed and agility in always anticipating the future and responding quickly to market opportunities. This has become a core strength of our front line and continues to support the growth of the Fujifilm Group.

Reflecting on our 90th anniversary, the Fujifilm Group held numerous discussions and focus groups about our role in society and how we contribute to create a brighter future. From this foundation, we established a new Fujifilm Group Purpose: “Giving our world more smiles.” For the Fujifilm Group to continue providing innovative value and achieve sustainable growth towards our 100th anniversary and beyond, as an embodiment of our aspirations, our employees -- our driving force --, will propel our Group toward realizing our Purpose. Our vision for the future is to become a company that creates smiles. We will continue to take on the challenge of learning from the past to shape the future. By combining the Fujifilm Group’s strengths in technology and the wisdom of our diverse and talented workforce, we will contribute to solving social issues through all of our businesses, as we bring happy smiles to so many around the world.

Teiichi Goto
President, Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer

FUJIFILM X100VI Limited Edition

Commemorate 90 Years of Fujifilm Group

FUJIFILM Photo Collection II

Capturing the Human Experience: World Photography in the 20th Century

FUJIFILM Photo Collection II consists of original prints newly acquired by FUJIFILM Corporation in keeping with the principle of preserving the culture of photography. This is consistent with the first FUJIFILM Photo Collection created in 2014. FUJIFILM Photo Collection II comprises 53 masterpieces that capture the human experience taken by prominent international photographers who are among the giants of world photography in the 20th century.

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