Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct

Currently, the world is facing countless challenges. To pass on a rich and vibrant society to future generations, we need to solve various societal challenges related to the environment, energy, food, health and medicine, safety and disaster prevention, and respect for human rights, while also ensuring economic growth. Companies are expected to contribute to solving these challenges and to creating a sustainable society through innovation in collaboration with various stakeholders.

To this end, it is important how we conduct our business activities. We need to ensure that we are engaged with stakeholders and enabling two-way dialog (being open), complying with rules in a just and impartial manner (being fair), being responsible for our own decision-making and actions, and ensuring transparency with honesty and integrity (being clear). Various laws and rules exist within society. In the business world, as in our everyday lives as members of society, our societal value is determined by our compliance with such laws and rules.

To ensure we continue to be a company that is needed and trusted by society, we will generate value for creating a sustainable society, with compliance as the basis of all our efforts.

Fujifilm Group Compliance Statement

The Fujifilm Group defines compliance as more than simply not breaking the law: we believe compliance includes acting correctly in the light of common sense and ethics. In all aspects of our corporate activities, we emphasize compliance and endeavor to create new value. If compliance requirements conflict with business profits or the demands of third parties, we give priority to compliance. An open, fair, and clear corporate culture is the basis for all our activities.

The most fundamental and essential aspect for each and every one of us is human rights. Individual dignity is at the core of our innate human rights, and if such rights are not respected, the employees who are crucial for company's growth cannot fully meet their potential, and we cannot continue as a company that is needed and valued by society.

Observing the following points will form the base for us to maximize the potential of all the people who are directly and indirectly affected by our business activities, as well as to generate societal value.

  1. Respect of human rights
    We respect and do not infringe on the human rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international declarations, conventions, guidelines and applicable laws and regulations, as well as judicial precedents.
  2. Respect and promotion of diversity
    We will embrace diversity to generate new value and contribute to a richer society through respecting, accepting, and being inspired by each employee's personality and individuality, unconstrained by differences in back grounds or beliefs.
  3. Prohibition of discrimination
    We respect one another as individuals, and do not discriminate on the grounds of nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, political opinions, ideologies, national or social origin, disability, etc., nor do we base decisions regarding hiring, promotion or advancements, benefits, or educational opportunities on these factors.
  4. Prohibition of bullying and harassment
    We do not speak or act in ways that degrade individual dignity or that disadvantage or threaten individuals based on issues such as gender, authority or position (sexual harassment or power harassment), nor do we engage in any other form of bullying or harassment.
  5. Protection of privacy
    We do not share or disclose information relating to individuals' private lives gained in the workplace or in the course of our duties without the clear consent of the individual concerned. We will appropriately manage any personal data we receive in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Promotion of work-life balance
    We aim to support employees' high performance in the workplace and their personal circumstances and responsibilities. In order to do this, we will work together to pursue the professional development of ourselves, our colleagues, and the people with whom we interact in the course of our duties, while we respect individual needs and are understanding of personal circumstances including family care responsibilities such as childcare and nursing care.
  7. Prohibition of forced labor / child labor
    We do not take part in any form of forced labor or child labor, including slave labor, bonded labor or human trafficking. We enable the free choice of employment through proper employment processes, and take required measures to prevent forced labor and child labor.
  8. Promotion of occupational safety and health
    We comply with applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations, such as those designed to prevent workplace accidents. We will give due consideration to the physical and mental health of ourselves, our colleagues, and the people with whom we work, and aim to maintain and enhance safe, healthy and fit working environments.
  9. Respect of labor rights
    We respect and do not infringe on labor rights in accordance with local laws and established practices, including workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively.

We strive to ensure that the corporate activities we are involved in are open, fair, and clear. Contravention of the points listed below may lead not only to legal sanctions, but also to loss of trust of the company. We will comply with these points and aim for highly ethical practices. Our corporate activities will be promptly and accurately reported via managers and all steps of the designated procedures will be carried out.

  1. Active communication
    We prioritize internal and external two-way communication to respond to the demands of society and to strive for mutual development alongside society, and maintain an open, fair, and clear attitude and stance in the implementation of our corporate activities.
  2. Information disclosure
    We establish accountability by actively and appropriately disseminating our corporate information, including our management policy and activities, to various stakeholders such as customers, business partners, employees, local communities, government agencies, shareholders and other investors, and NGOs and NPOs.
  3. Fair competition
    We recognize the importance of free market competition, and do not apply unreasonable trading restrictions or use unfair trading methods that could impede fair competition.
  4. Fair sales activities
    We maintain equitable and fair sales practices with our customers and sales partners such as distributors. We do not engage in improper sales practices involving customers and sales partners, such as falsifying sales records, nor do we engage in actions that could cause a reasonable suspicion of collusion with customers and sales partners.
  5. Fair procurement
    We maintain fairness in our relationships with suppliers. We do not engage in actions that could undermine fair relations with suppliers, such as enjoying personal advantages (in the form of money, goods, services, etc.) or otherwise abusing our dominant bargaining position.
  6. Prevention of corruption
    We exercise prudence and scrupulous care in our relationships with foreign and local government officials and other public employees, and we do not take part in corrupt behavior.
  7. Prohibition of bribery and restriction on gift-exchange and entertainment
    We do not engage in gift-exchange or entertainment or the provision of political contributions, donations, or sponsorships that could undermine fairness, or pay kickbacks for contracts, so that we can maintain sound relationships with our customers and business partners, including distributors and suppliers, and can keep honorable/honest relationships with all foreign and local government officials and other public employees.
  8. Prohibition of ideological / religious activities in our roles as executives and employees
    We do not use our positions as company executives or employees to support or oppose any given political party, group or candidate, or other ideological or religious group.
  9. Rejection of organized crime
    We reject any relationship with groups involved in illegal activities or that threaten public order and safety, and we do not act in ways that benefit such groups, including facilitating money laundering.
  10. Compliance with trade control regulations
    We comply with all applicable trade control regulations related to the import and export of goods, technology, and software, as well as the external disclosure of technological information (including technology guidance), and work to maintain international peace and security.
  11. Accuracy of financial reporting and appropriate tax payments
    We strive for accuracy in accounting and financial reporting in the course of our corporate activities, and we do not falsify accounts or take part in any activity related to such falsification. We comply with the tax laws of the countries and regions where we operate as well as international tax rules, and pay appropriate taxes in each as required by law.
  12. Quality assurance/safety of products and services
    We make absolutely sure that our products and services are safe and of high quality in providing them to the market. We recognize the importance of universal design, which ensures that our products and services are accessible to all regardless of language, culture, nationality, age, gender, or disability. We also provide easily comprehensible and accurate labeling and descriptions of our products and their use, and strive to prevent accidents. In the event an accident does occur, we respond promptly and appropriately.
  13. Responsible marketing
    We will conduct marketing and promotion activities that sincerely and accurately convey information related to our products and services to consumers and customers.

Companies have many assets. In conducting our business, we use a broad range of such assets, including not only our own corporate assets, but also customers' information and many kinds of tangible and intangible assets entrusted to us via contracts with our business partners and associates. As companies face increasingly diverse threats including natural disasters, organized crime, terrorism, and cyberattacks, we must protect both our own property and the property rights of these third parties from such threats. In the course of our day-to-day work, it is becoming increasingly important to take care in dealing with the information and assets we handle and to take preventative measures to protect them from harm, and refrain inappropriate information disclosure.

  1. Effective use of corporate assets
    We actively and effectively use our corporate tangible and intangible assets, which are a key management resource, to deliver products and services that feature leading-edge, proprietary technologies.
  2. Prohibition of improper use of corporate assets
    We appropriately manage and use tangible and intangible corporate assets such as products, facilities, equipment, information and intellectual property. We neither use them for personal gain or any other improper purpose, nor act in any way that might damage or devalue them.
  3. Prohibition of conflicts of interest
    We do not act in ways that place our own personal gain or the gain of family, friends or acquaintances above the interests of the company. For example, we do not compete with the businesses of the company, involve ourselves in such competitive businesses or work in the interests of competitors.
  4. Prohibition of insider trading
    We do not act in ways designed to bring personal benefit such as trading in shares, bonds or other securities on the basis of non-publicly-available knowledge obtained in the course of our duties or obtained specially from business partners and others using our position as executives or employees (insider trading).
  5. Protection of confidential information
    We recognize that corporate confidential information is an important corporate asset, and manage it with rigorous care to maintain confidentiality.
  6. Protection of others' intellectual property
    We do not improperly acquire or utilize non-public information belonging to others. Nor do we infringe on others' intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or patent rights.
  7. Protection of personal information
    We recognize the sensitivity of personal information, and handle it appropriately and comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding the gathering, recording, managing, using, disposing of such sensitive information.
  8. Crisis management
    We conduct systematic crisis management in preparation for emergency response to threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, and cyberattacks. If such events should occur, we will work to minimize the impact on related stakeholders, prioritizing the safety of our employees and local citizens.

Environmental issues are major challenges shared by humanity that cannot be solved by one region or nation alone. It requires the collaboration of individuals, businesses, local communities, and various other stakeholders. In addition to compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we enhance our environmental management systems to reduce the environmental burden at all stages of our corporate activities, from raw material procurement to product development, manufacturing, logistics, sales and services provision, customer use, and product end-of-life. In addition, we aim to contribute to solving environmental challenges through leading-edge technology and innovation. In order to pass on this irreplaceable earth to future generations, individual awareness and voluntary action of every employee is required.

  1. Response to climate change
    We recognize that the progression of human-caused climate change is a global challenge, and will work toward a carbon neutral society. We will proactively promote measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and control the impact of climate change throughout all of our business activities.
  2. Contribution to a circular economy
    We recognize that resources are finite, and will work toward establishing a circular economy by further promoting reduction, reuse, and recycling of resources.
  3. Safety and effective use of chemicals
    We will take necessary measures in the development, production, use, and disposal of chemicals to avoid the adverse effects to human health and the environment. In addition, we will maximize the effectiveness of chemicals to help solve various societal problems.
  4. Protection of local environments and partnerships with local communities
    We, as a member of the local communities, will partner with various stakeholders to protect air, soil, and water, to reduce noise pollution, vibrations, and odors, and to conserve biodiversity.