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Kenji Sukeno : Chairman, Representative Director and Board Chairman (left)
Teiichi Goto : President and CEO, Representative Director (right)

FUJIFILM Holdings is a holding company with two operating companies—FUJIFILM Corporation and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corporation. As of June 29, we launched a new management team with Kenji Sukeno as Chairman, Representative Director and Board Chairman and Teiichi Goto as President and CEO, Representative Director. Under this new structure, FUJIFILM Holdings will continue to take on challenges to solve societal issues through our four fields of Healthcare, Materials, Business Innovation, and Imaging.

In the growing Healthcare field, we have dedicated tremendous effort and resources to provide Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment solutions to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to supplying antibody test kits that can detect even small amounts of virus, ultrasound systems for diagnosing pneumonia, and mobile X‐ray diagnostic equipment, we are also providing contract manufacturing of vaccines and advancing the development and manufacturing of Avigan Tablets as a therapeutic drug candidate.

In spring 2021, we welcomed Hitachi’s diagnostic imaging-related medical business to the Fujifilm Group. This addition allows us to provide even more tools to support physicians and clinicians in diagnosis and treatment with expanded offerings including CTs, MRIs, and other devices, and leveraging Fujifilm’s cutting-edge image processing technology with AI/IT to improve clinical outcomes.
In the Business Innovation field, Fuji Xerox changed its corporate name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation in April 2021. The new corporate name and branding provides a fresh start while renewing our commitment to “continuously bring change to business as a Fujifilm Group company.” FUJIFILM Business Innovation will expand its territory from the Asia-Pacific region to encompass the entire world, and will provide even more innovative products and services to a wide variety of businesses.

For over a year, humanity has been facing an unforeseen pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. And beyond the pandemic, our world continues to face numerous societal challenges, including a changing climate. Fujifilm is committed to working together with our group companies as an “All-Fujifilm Entity,” and we will NEVER STOP taking on challenges to build a safer, stronger, more connected and more resilient future.

Kenji Sukeno
Chairman, Representative Director and Board Chairman

Teiichi Goto
President and CEO, Representative Director

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