History of the Fujifilm Group

FUJIFILM’s 90-Year History

Leveraging our foundation of proprietary photographic film technologies, Fujifilm is offering a wide variety of products and services, and has committed to solving society’s greatest challenges.

Year Month History
1934 Jan. Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., established, based on a government plan to establish a domestic photographic film manufacturing industry. The new company inherited the split-off photographic film operations of Dainippon Celluloid Company Limited.
Feb. Ashigara Factory (currently the Kanagawa Factory Ashigara Site) began operating, producing photographic film, photographic print paper, dry plates, and other photosensitive materials
1938 Jun. Odawara Factory (currently the Kanagawa Factory Odawara Site) established
1944 Mar. Business operations obtained from Enomoto Kogaku Seiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Fuji Photo Optical Co., Ltd. established
1946 Apr. Natural Color Photography Co., Ltd. (name changed to Fuji Color Photo Co., Ltd., in June 1953 and subsequently transformed into Fujicolor Service Co., Ltd.), established
1958 Aug. Established Fuji Photo Film do Brasil Ltda. as a subsidiary in Brasil
1962 Feb. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., established as joint venture with U.K.-based Rank Xerox Limited (currently Xerox Limited)
1963 Oct. Fujinomiya Factory established
1965 Apr. Name of Fuji Color Photo Co., Ltd., changed to Fujicolor Service Co., Ltd., and marketing operations of Fuji Color Photo Co., Ltd., split o to establish Fujicolor Trading Co., Ltd.
Dec. Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. (currently FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc.)established in New York State to comprehensively manage business in North America
1966 Jun. Fuji Photo Film (Europe) GmbH (currently FUJIFILM Europe GmbH) established in Düsseldorf to comprehensively manage business in Europe
1972 Dec. Yoshida-Minami Factory established
1982 Aug. Netherlands-based Fuji Photo Film B.V. (currently FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.) established as the Fujilm Group's principal manufacturing company in Europe
1987 Mar. Germany-based Fuji Magnetic GmbH (a recording media manufacturing company, currently FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH) established
1988 Jul. U.S.-based Fuji Photo Film, Inc. (currently FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.) established in South Carolina as the Fujifilm Group's principal manufacturing company in the United States
1990 Nov. Fuji Xerox obtained marketing rights for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia from Rank Xerox Limited (currently Xerox Limited)
1993 Oct. Acquired 51% of outstanding shares in Chiyoda Medical Co., Ltd.
1995 Oct. FUJIFILM Imaging Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., established in Suzhou, China
1996 Jun. Hong Kong-based Hong Kong Fuji Photo Logistics, Ltd. (currently FUJIFILM Hong Kong Limited), established
1997 Dec. Acquired German-based Eurocolor Photonishing GmbH & Co. KG


Year Month History
2000 Dec. Fuji Xerox acquired business rights in China from U.S.-based Xerox Corporation and initiated operations in China
2001 Mar. Acquired additional 25% of Fuji Xerox's outstanding shares, increasing the shareholding in that company to 75% and transforming that company into a consolidated subsidiary
Oct. U.S.-based Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc. (a graphic arts materials marketing company,currently FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A, Inc.), established
2003 Apr. Acquired additional shares in Process Shizai Co., Ltd., (currently FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Co.,Ltd.), transforming that company into a consolidated subsidiary
2004 Apr. Chiyoda Medical Co., Ltd., merged into FUJIFILM MEDICAL CO., LTD.
Apr. FUJIFILM Battery Co., Ltd., merged into FUJIFILM AXIA Co., Ltd.
Oct. FUJIFILM IMAGING Co., Ltd., established. Fujicolor Imaging Service Co., Ltd., and FUJIFILM AXIA Co., Ltd., merged into the new company, which also took over the domestic marketing operations of four major photographic product distributors to unify the Fujifilm Group's domestic imaging solutions marketing operations
Nov. Acquired microelectronic materials business of U.S.-based Arch Chemicals, Inc., along with 100% of shares in joint venture FUJIFILM ARCH Co., Ltd. (currently FUJIFILM Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.)
2005 Feb. Acquired U.K.-based Sericol Group Limited (currently FUJIFILM Sericol Limited), a company with expanding operations in screen printing inks, packaging printing inks, and industrial-use inkjet printer inks
2006 Jan. Transformed Sankio Chemical Co., Ltd. (currently FUJIFILM FINECHEMICALS CO., LTD. ), into a wholly owned subsidiary
Feb. Acquired Avecia Inkjet Limited (currently FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limited)
Apr. FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories established
Jul. Acquired U.S.-based industrial inkjet printhead manufacturer Dimatix, Inc. (currently FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.)
Oct. Fujifilm Group shifted to a holding company structure centering on the holding company FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, which controls both the Group's two largest companies — FUJIFILM Corporation and Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Oct. Acquired Daiichi Radioisotope Laboratories Ltd., which was transformed into a wholly owned subsidiary (currently FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd.)
Dec. Acquired U.S.-based Problem Solving Concepts, Inc., a manufacturer of medical imaging information systems for cardiology
2007 Feb. Headquarters functions of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, FUJIFILM Corporation, and Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. relocated to the Tokyo Midtown Building
Jul. Established FUJIFILM Business Expert Corporation and concentrated the administrative and human resource operations
2008 Jan. Acquired Germany-based IP Labs GmbH, a developer of online photo service systems
Mar. Established FUJIFILM India Private Limited as a subsidiary in India
Mar. Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation through an acquisition of shares conducted
Nov. Acquired U.S.-based Empiric Systems, LLc, a manufacturer of radiology information systems
Dec. Acquired FUJIFILM-RU, an independent Russian distributor of its medical and imaging products, from Marubeni Corporation
2009 Apr. Fujinon Toshiba ES Systems Co., Ltd. integrated into FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd.
May Acquired and transformed FUJIFILM Hungary Co., Ltd., the distributor in Hungary, into a subsidiary (FUJIFILM Hungary Ltd.)
Jun. FUJIFILM Drug Discovery Research Laboratories established
Year Month History
2010 Jan. FUJIFILM USA, Inc. and FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A. Inc. integrated to establish FUJIFILM North America Corporation
Jan. Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. established
Jan. Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established
Feb. FUJIFILM Pharma Co., Ltd. established
Mar. Fuji Xerox R&D Square completed
Jun. Fuji Xerox Vietnam Company Limited established
Jul. Fuji Xerox acquired Australia's Managed Print Services Provider, Upstream Print Solutions
Aug. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.absorbed Solving Concepts Inc. and Empiric Systems, LCC
Oct. Established FUJIFILM Middle East FZE as a subsidiary in Dubai
Dec. Transformed the semiconductor CMP slurry manufacturer / distributor US-based Planar Solutions, LLC, into a wholly owned subsidiary
2011 Feb. Acquired a Turkish sales agency for endoscopy products, FILMED TIBBI CIHAZLAR PAZARLAMA VE TICARET A.S.
Mar. Acquired a provider of contract manufacturing and development services for the biopharmaceutical industry, Diosynth RTP, LLC and MSD Biologics (UK) Limited
Apr. Fuji Xerox Service Creative Co., Ltd. established
Oct. Established FUJIFILM UKRAINE LLC as a subsidiary in Ukraine
Oct. Established PT FUJIFILM INDONESIA in Indonesia
Nov. Established FUJIFILM MEDICAL SYSTEMS VIETNAM CO., LTD. as a subsidiary in Vietnam (currently FUJIFILM VIETNAM Co., Ltd.)
Nov. Established FUJIFILM ELECTRONIC IMAGING KOREA as a subsidiary in Korea
2012 Mar. Established Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin Biologics, Joint-Venture for the development, manufacturing and sales of biosimilars
Mar. Acquired SonoSite, a pioneer and leader in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound technology
May Established FUJIFILM South Africa (Pty) Ltd. as a subsidiary in South Africa
May Established FUJIFILM Middle East FZE, Morocco Coordination Center as a representative office in Morocco
Jun. Established FUJIFILM Dis Ticaret A.S. as a subsidiary in Turkey
Sep. Established FUJIFILM Philippines Inc. as a subsidiary in the Philippines
Oct. Acquired the Business Process Outsourcing division of Australia's largest business service provider, Salmat Limited
2013 Jan. Established FUJIFILM COLOMBIA S.A.S as a subsidiariy in Colombia
Jan. Established FUJIFILM LATIN AMERICA (PANAMA) S.A. as a subsidiariy in Panama
Nov. Fuji Xerox established Fuji Xerox Hai Phong Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in Vietnam
Dec. Established FUJIFILM MYANMAR LIMITED as a subsidiariy in Myanmar
2014 Feb. Established FUJIFILM Tissue Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a subsidiariy in China
2015 May Transformed Cellular Dynamics International, Inc., a leading U.S. company in the development and manufacture of iPSCs, into a wholly owned subsidiary
Oct. Established Cellular Dynamics International Japan Co.,Ltd. to launch iPSC business for drug discovery support in Japan
Oct. Acquired Ultra Pure Solutions, Inc., a high-purity solvent manufacturer
2016 Aug. Acquired Monolis Co., Ltd., an outsourcing provider of veterinary clinical laboratory services (currently Fujifilm Monolis Co., Ltd.)
Oct. Established joint venture Celltrust Animal Therapeutics Co., Ltd. to develop and provide advanced veterinary technologies and services with the focus on regenerative medicine
2017 Apr. Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
2018 Apr. Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. and FUJIFILM Finechemicals Co., Ltd. integrated to establish FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Jun. Irvine Scientific Sales Company, Inc. and IS JAPAN CO.,LTD., leading companies of cell culture media, became consolidated subsidiaries of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
Oct. FUJIFILM RI Pharma Co., Ltd., TOYAMA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. and Cellular Dynamics International Japan Co.,Ltd. integrated to establish FUJIFILM Toyama Chemical Co.,Ltd.
2019 Apr. IS JAPAN CO.,LTD. was integrated into FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Apr. Established FUJIFILM Wako Bio Solutions Corporation
Jul. German endoscopic instrument manufacturer medwork GmbH became consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation
Jul. FUJIFILM Monolith Co., Ltd. and the veterinary medicine business section of FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd. integrated to establish FUJIFILM VET Systems Co., Ltd.
Aug. Biogen (Denmark) Manufacturing ApS became consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation
Oct. Acquired Yokogawa Medical Solutions Corporation to establish FUJIFILM Medical Solutions Corporation
Nov. FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation to own 100% of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Year Month History
2020 Feb. Fuji Xerox acquired Australian office IT services provider, CSG Limited
Sep. Fuji Xerox and Ripcord established a joint venture FUJIFILM RIPCORD to provide services that drive digital transformation (DX)
2021 Mar. Acquired Diagnostic Imaging related-Business from Hitachi, Ltd. and Fujifilm Healthcare Corporation has started business operation
Apr. Changed the company name of Fuji Xerox to FUJIFILM Business Innovation
Apr. Fuji Xerox integrated the company’s domestic sales departments with all of its Japanese sales subsidiaries and established FUJIFILM Business Innovation Japan Corp.
2022 Jan. FUJIFILM Business Innovation aquired HOYA Digital Solutions Corporation to launch FUJIFILM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.
Mar. Acquired Shenandoah Biotechnology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins
Apr. Acquired a cell therapy manufacturing facility from Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
May. FUJIFILM Business Innovation acquired Smart Messaging Services Pty Ltd
Jun. Acquired European inkjet system integrator UNIGRAPHICA
Oct. Established FUJIFILM Life Sciences Korea Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in South Korea to accelerate business growth of cell culture media
2023 Jan. Acquired Digital Pathology Business from Inspirata, Inc.
Mar. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Acquired Australian IT Services Company MicroChannel Services
Jun. Established FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Japan Corporation
Oct. Acquired Electronic Chemicals Business from Entegris, Inc.