Medical Products and Services Utilizing AI

Utilizing AI technology and supporting medical settings

  • *1 Refers to growths no more than 3 cm in size, sometimes smaller than 5 mm
  • *2 Deep learning, which is a form of AI technology, was used in the design. System performance and accuracy do not change automatically once installed
  • *3 Does not guarantee the recognition of all gauze and requires a comprehensive confirmation including visual inspection of the X-ray


Development support tool for AI technology assisting diagnostic imaging developed jointly with the National Cancer Center Japan

Fujifilm developed an AI development support platform with the National Cancer Center Japan to promote research and development of AI technology assisting diagnostic imaging by research and medical institutions (announced in April 2021). This platform facilitates the development of AI technology (software) for assisting diagnostic imaging by physicians and researchers without requiring advanced knowledge of programming. Both parties will utilize the platform in research and verify its usefulness, and Fujifilm will be working on commercialization.