DX Roadmap

The DX Roadmap is setting out the path for further DX promotion to achieve the goal of establishing even a greater number of products and services as the foundation that supports a sustainable society by fiscal year 2030. The Fujifilm Group will embrace DX to continuously optimize value of products in order to maximize the customer outcomes. Furthermore, it will broaden the scope that its products and services influence to the entire society, and establish them as part of the foundation that supports society, thereby continuing to contribute to solving social issues.

[figure]Fujifilm Group’s DX Roadmap

We aim to create value from the perspective of management and strategies, centered on the three pillars of the Fujifilm Group’s DX Platform: Products and Services DX, Operation DX and Human Resources DX.
By promoting DX initiatives that use centrifugal force and increased unifying force, we will work with multi-stakeholder, including customers and partners, to solve social issues and realize the DX Roadmap.

[figure]Value Creation Framework for DX Initiatives to Realize the DX Roadmap

*1 Utilization of various informatics, including Material Informatics and Process Informatics, in all aspects of DX