DX Vision

The Fujifilm Group has actively taken on DX by utilizing AI and IoT. In 2021, the company has drawn up the “DX Vision” to further promote DX to provide products and services of even greater quality than ever before, thereby dramatically enhance value the Group provides to customers as the company continues to work toward solving social issues.

Fujifilm Group’s “DX Vision”

Fujifilm’s relentless pursuit of a better world is entrenched in the Company’s commitment to a more sustainable, healthier, and safer future. We are well prepared for taking on the greatest challenges of our time through the use of advanced and digital technology, valuable and innovative products and services, and from the connected contributions of every business, every team, and every individual at Fujifilm.

The Fujifilm Group’s DX Platform

The DX Platform that supports the Fujifilm Group’s DX promotion consists of Infrastructure, which is the foundation, and three pillars: Products and Services DX, Operation DX and Human Resources DX.

[figure]The Fujifilm Group’s DX Platform