Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Structure Chart

[figure]Corporate Governance Structure Chart

Corporate governance structure (As of June 29, 2023)

Corporate organization

Company with an Audit & Supervisory Board

Number of Directors (number of outside Directors)

10 (4)

Number of outside Directors deemed to be independent*1


Directors' term of office

One year (the same term of office applies to outside Directors)

Number of Audit & Supervisory Board members (number of outside Audit & Supervisory Board members)

4 (2)

Number of independent officers


Adoption of an executive officer system


Independent auditors


Introduction of Countermeasures (Takeover Defense Measures) for Large- Scale Purchases of Company Shares


  • *1 Compliance with the Company's “Criteria for Independence of Outside Directors and Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members”
  • *2 If the Company receives a proposal seeking to acquire a controlling interest, it will strive to help shareholders make a decision by proactively gathering information and disclosing it in a timely manner, while taking appropriate measures within the scope permitted by relevant laws and regulations, such as the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, to increase corporate value and secure the common interests of shareholders.