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July 6, 2021

FUJIFILM Holdings adopts a “DX Vision”

Promoting Digital Transformation and boosting values offered to customers to contribute to solving social issues

TOKYO, JULY 6, 2021 ― FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Teiichi Goto) has drawn up Fujifilm Group’s “DX*1 (Digital Transformation) Vision” to further promote DX to provide products and services of even greater quality than ever before, thereby dramatically enhance value the Group provides to customers as the company continues to work toward solving social issues.

Fujifilm Group’s “DX Vision”

Fujifilm's relentless pursuit of a better world is entrenched in the Company's commitment to a more sustainable, healthier, and safer future. We are well prepared for taking on the greatest challenges of our time through the use of advanced and digital technology, valuable and innovative products and services, and from the connected contributions of every business, every team, and every individual at Fujifilm.

The Fujifilm Group has actively taken on DX by utilizing AI and IoT, as seen in the launch of the Strategic ICT Promotion Project in 2014. In 2017, the Chief Digital Officer formed the DX Committee for overseeing digital officers appointed in all of Fujifilm’s business, production and R&D divisions as well as back office divisions. There is a company-wide cross-functional effort to promote DX not only in business activities but also in all services and work processes provided by each division by exploring the use of latest ICT to solve challenges through digitalization (DX challenges).

Initiatives in business activities include undertaking in-house development of AI / IoT technologies that can be applied to the healthcare field, such as providing an AI platform to medical institutions to facilitate doctors’ diagnostic imaging workflow and producing endoscopes at a Smart Factory*2 with significantly-improved production efficiency. By Fiscal Year ending March 2031, Fujifilm is aiming to introduce  products and services based on the its medical AI technology in all 196 countries and regions across the world, which will contribute to solving the social issue on access to healthcare services. FUJIFILM Business Innovation will provide some 50 million workers with work styles that help them increase their productivity and heighten creativity with solutions and services that drive business innovation. More specifically, the company will further expand the sales of its document handling software “DocuWorks,” whose cumulative sales total 7.77 million licenses in and outside of Japan, contributing to streamlining work processes of many users. Amidst the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is also supporting to transform the work process of its customers by offering the electronic signature solution “DocuSign” in response to growing needs for digitizing contract preparation and management tasks for faster contract processing. The Fujifilm Group is accelerating its in-house introduction of DocuSign to substantially reduce time required for concluding contracts to secure productivity in remote work environment. 

FUJIFILM Holdings adopted a new management structure on June 29 this year. Under the leadership of the new President Teiichi Goto, the Fujifilm Group will further reinforce “human resources DX” by developing human resources dedicated to DX and creating working environment where they can play an active role. The Group will also take on “Work process DX” to streamline work operations by updating the system for centrally controlling management data worldwide for fast decision-making, as well as “Product DX” to support the customers accelerating their DX initiatives by applying robotics and AI technologies to products and services in a wide range of business fields. In addition, the Fujifilm Group will further strengthen information security which serves as the foundation for promoting DX.

FUJIFILM Holdings will continue to promote DX to accelerate the speed of management judgment and provide innovative products and services in a wide range of fields.

  • *1 A concept of “transforming society and industries through digitalization to create new values”
  • *2 A factory that connects machine tools, production lines and other factory elements to a network to streamline information management and optimize plant administration


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