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October 6, 2023

FUJIFILM Holdings wins the highest honor in the corporate HR category of the HR Awards 2023

In high recognition of its self-development assistance program “+STORY,” designed to encourage employees to willingly embrace new challenges

TOKYO, October 6, 2023 – FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) has been awarded the highest honor in the corporate HR category of the Nihon-no Jinjibu*1 “HR Awards 2023”. This prestigious award, hosted by the HR Awards steering Committee and supported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, recognizes Fujifilm Group’s unique self-development assistance program called “+STORY.”

HR Award 2023

By fostering an “open, fair and clear” corporate culture, the Fujifilm Group strives to promote personal and organizational growth, ultimately enhancing employee engagement. As one of the initiatives toward this goal, the Group launched the self-development assistance program called “+STORY” in 2020. Through this program, employees are encouraged to willingly embrace new challenges. “+STORY” represents the belief that any change can be seen as an opportunity for personal growth, and that accumulating new experiences contributes to shaping individual stories of growth for the future. This program not only motivates employees to actively pursue personal growth, but also encourages supervisors to nurture their subordinates' aspirations for new challenges. By focusing on individual efforts to maximize aptitude and abilities, the Fujifilm Group aims to create an organization with high levels of employee engagement.

The self-development assistance program “+STORY” offers a range of engaging features including “+STORY Dialog” for supporting supervisors and subordinates share their story and sense of value, “+STORY Academy” for encourages voluntary learning and “+STORY Live” feature, allows employees to present their story to their peers of the Fujifilm Group. These features align with the five stages of the +STORY process, which involve being proactive in getting involved, grasping the essence, taking on a challenge and initiating action to achieve a result, reflecting on experiences, and active learning for self-improvement. By following this positive cycle of the +STORY Challenge, employees are encouraged to continually embrace new challenges and drive their own personal growth.

  • *1 Website operated by HR Vision Co.,Ltd. that provides HR solutions.
Illustration of +STORY Challenge Cycle

Main features of “+STORY”

  • “The +STORY Dialog”: This feature facilitates open dialogues between employees and their supervisors, providing a platform for sharing the joys, frustrations and other emotions that have emerged from their experiences and encounters with various people over the past year. Through one-on-one conversations, they discuss their perspectives, values and current situations, fostering a deeper understanding of each other as individuals and building trust. A recent employee satisfaction survey, conducted this year, revealed that approximately 90% of employees had a positive response to this feature.
  • “The +STORY Academy”: This platform supports and encourages voluntary learning of employees. With access to over 2,000 courses on a dedicated website, participants can choose from a diverse range of topics including business skills, languages and programming. They have the ability to manage their progress and track their learning achievements.
  • “The +STORY LIVE”: This monthly live-streaming event showcases employees from diverse backgrounds, who are invited to share their own stories. The aim is to provide fresh insights that will propel their individual +STORY forward. Furthermore, these shared +STORY help reinforce and advance Fujifilm’s corporate culture. The live-streaming sessions have been viewed by approximately 18,000 people to date.

Image of “+STORY LIVE” live-streaming: A facilitator from the HR department (top left) was interviewing two participants when the President (bottom right) jumped in to offer his comments.

The Fujifilm Group remains committed to fostering personal growth of its employees and promoting HR development, thereby creating innovative technologies, products and services that add value to society.


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