CSR activity report│Fighting Against COVID-19

Supporting the Medical Professionals through Equipment and Training

COVID-19 pandemic pushes up demand for mobile and portable X-ray systems

To diagnose COVID-19 and monitor recovery from the disease, numerous chest X-rays are being taken in medical institutions across the world. Mobile and portable X-ray systems are in particularly high demand as they enable patients to remain on the ward, reducing the infection risk inside the hospital. FDR nano, a compact and light-weight model compared with conventional mobile X-ray systems, has seen a dramatic rise in demand, mainly in Asia and Europe. We and our partners are endeavoring to deliver the product to our customers as quickly as possible. We also received urgent requests for our portable model FDR Xair from Canada in April 2020, even though the unit was not yet available in the Canadian market. We completed the application for sales authorization in one month and obtained the special approval for exportation, a procedure that usually takes a minimum of three months.

On the medical site, there are insufficient staff to cover the increasing workload, and X-ray equipment may be operated by inexperienced technicians. We are actively offering aftersales support, including a training session for new technicians to ensure correct usage of our products and the creation of accurate images to be used for diagnoses.

FDR nano, a lightweight mobile X-ray diagnostic imaging system (right), 
and an engineer quickly adjusting the system to minimize the duration of the hospital visit.

FDR Xair, a compact and light-weight portable X-ray unit weighing only 3.5 kg. Easy to carry and quick to use in conditions that require particular consideration to avoid disease infection.

FUJIFILM France S.A.S. has delivered the FDR nano and the FDR Go flex to various hospitals in France. They also offered training sessions for medical professionals fighting against COVID-19.

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