CSR activity report│Fighting Against COVID-19

Long-Lasting Disinfection Reduces the Risk of Contact Infection

Our exclusive technology prolongs alcohol disinfection effect

Home-use 60% alcohol products (left)
medical 80% alcohol products (right)

As people become more concerned about hygiene management (such as disinfection and sanitization) as a means of COVID-19 infection prevention, demand for our Hydro Ag+ sprays and wipes is rising. Hydro Ag+ features high alcohol concentrations and long-lasting disinfection effects thanks to our exclusive technology, developed through our research in silver-related technology over the years. A variety of home-use disinfection products are available on the market, however, many of them contain less than 40% alcohol, and therefore their effect is limited. One of the features of Hydro Ag+ is 60% or greater alcohol concentration, and offers the maximum disinfection effect that can be safely used at home. The lineup covers not only surface sprays and wipes, but also LCD protective film, which is effectively used for touch panels in hospitals and public facilities where strict hygiene control is required.

The“One Day One Wipe Disinfection”project took place in 12 schools in Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan,from November 1,2018 to March 31 ,2019.As a result,the incidence rate of influenza reduced from 25% to 10% and no class closures due to flu occurred.

Fujifilm also started promoting contact infection prevention in 2017, and commenced the “One Day One Wipe Disinfection” project in 2018 to encourage students to wipe surfaces they often touch in school, including desks, chairs, and door knobs, once a day using the Hydro Ag+ products. This project proved that Hydro Ag+ is able to reduce the chance of group infection of influenza. We continue contributing to reducing infection risks through providing Hydro Ag+ products and raising awareness about infection prevention practices.

Antibacterial and antiviral films

Example of fi lm usage in a taxi partition

Antibacterial and antiviral films are being utilized more and more in touch panels in public facilities and smartphone displays that many people interact with.

Fujifilm has developed Hydro Ag+ Virus Plus, an antiviral film for commercial use featuring long-lasting antibacterial and antiviral efficacy using the company’s proprietary Hydro Ag+ antibacterial technology.

In addition to being affixed to touch panels and other similar screens, this film is also used in splash prevention partitions in medical facilities, convenience stores and taxis in Japan in aiming to reduce viral counts on these surfaces and mitigate infection risk in everyday life.

Ordinary non-hydrophilic membrane silver-based antibacterial coating

Silver ions are released only from the antibacterial agent on the surface

Structure of super-hydrophilic membranes using the Hydro Ag+ silver-based antibacterial coating technology

Silver ions are constantly supplied to the membrane surface from silver-based antibacterial agent in the membrane