CSR activity report│Fighting Against COVID-19

Supporting New Ways of Communication in the COVID Era

instax displays smiles underneath the mask in the world


Wearing a mask is becoming common, but at the same time, many find it more difficult to communicate as people’s facial expressions are hidden underneath their masks. This is even worse for COVID-19 patients, as they have to face medical professionals covered up by their protective suits, which may further heighten their anxiety. The Fujifilm Group has proposed to take a smiling face photo of medical professionals without a mask using the instax cameras and display it as a badge on their uniforms. This effort has spread across the world and is contributing to recover a sense of closeness and trust in the communications between patients and medical professionals.

The campaign is taking place in France, the U.K., Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, the U.S., and India.

In Japan, instax film is produced in FUJIFILLM Kanagawa Factory Ashigara Site. We introduced these activities to Minami-Ashigara City and the Daiyuzan Line of Izuhakone Railway Co., Ltd., who are neighbors of our Ashigara Site. Both appreciated this friendly practice and adopted the activity in their organizations using instax film. Now all the municipal officers, station staff, conductors, and roadside station clerks wear their smiling badges when performing their duties.

Daiyuzan-line conductors with instax photos of their smiles