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Contributing to Swift Implementation of Remote Working Environment through Visualization

Supporting business efficiency through improved security and operability

[figure]Contributing to Swift Implementation of Remote Working Environment through Visualization

Security has become a major obstacle for many businesses in building remote working environments. It is a major concern, especially for companies that do not have their own IT officers, prompting them to give up trying to introduce remote working. FUJIFILM Business Innovation is contributing to resolving these social issues by offering services that provide outstanding security features. An example is Tokyo Lease Corporation, a company engaged in leasing, rental and sales of domestic and imported furniture. The company had been concerned over the security of its VPN*1 and difficulties with its specifications and operability. FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s beat offers visualization of operational logs and operating data through its management window and has earned acclaim for its reliability, including security features, and the sense of trust that comes with its implementation. The extensive support provided for beat was the key to the company’s choice of the system. It was supplied by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Japan and helped facilitate the shift to a work-from-home operation.

  • *1 VPN (Virtual Private Network): A type of network configured with virtual dedicated circuits on the Web, for access only by designated users.