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Creating an Environment for Printing Anytime, Anywhere

Partnership with convenience store chain for work and learning without location restrictions

Although remote working have been increasingly adopted in the society, it’s still the case that various formats that are not easy to print at home, such as full color, two-sided and large-sized prints, are necessary to be printed in some cases. Even with more flexible conditions adapted to changes in work styles, speedy, convenient and versatile printing remains important in a society today.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has established a partnership with Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., the convenience store chain operating about 20,000 stores nationwide, that has brought a speedy resolution to this problem. Net Print Service for business afterpay is a printing service available for multifunctional devices installed at Seven-Eleven stores that are equipped with upgraded features for corporate customers. In addition to printing authorization and bulk service payment features, a monthly service plan was added to give more flexible contract conditions and easier access while the users are away from the office or close to their homes.

The need for a widely-available printing environment is not limited to companies and businesspersons. FUJIFILM Business Innovation is also providing continuity in education for students who are no longer able to attend classes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Kwansei Gakuin University, for instance, online classes were started in response to the state of emergency declared by the Japanese government. The University provided students with convenient free-of-charge loans of computers and Wi-Fi routers. However, it faced a new problem with students not owning printers and not being able to print out study materials. The problem was solved with the introduction of Net Print Service for business afterpay. By using their student IDs, students of the University will be able to print out their study materials free of charge.