CSR activity report│Fighting Against COVID-19

Support Customers’ Diverse Work Styles with Personal Workspaces

Clean, safe and secure environment offered with ventilation, antibacterial coating and other infection control measures


Exterior and interior views of CocoDesk booths at railway stations and buildings

Japan’s highly advanced railway system is in constant use for travelling or commuting in major urban areas, and there has been an unmet need for workspaces reachable by a short rail journey. In response, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has created CocoDesk, which provides personalized workspaces in comfortable, safe and secure work environments outside the office or home. The service started up in February 2020, using vacant space in railway stations and office buildings. It provides businesspersons who use the rail system with an efficient way to work, especially with the ongoing spread of the remote working. In September 2020, Solo Work Booth CocoDesk was introduced for the office to the need to block off disruption and noise when attending online meetings, which are increasing rapidly in number with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Both types of CocoDesk services offer single-person booths designed with continuous air ventilation, reducing the risk of exposure to airborne virus or droplets from other users. In response to the spread of COVID-19, all booths are coated with material effective in antibacterial and virus protection.

CocoDesk carries FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Tradable Green Certificate*1, which assures users that the energy consumed by the product is “green electric power (generated with renewable energy sources)” and hence contributes to the development of work styles designed to have a low environmental impact and greater working efficiency, allowing more effective use to be made of spare time.

  • *1 As of October 2020, a Tradable Green Certificate has been issued only for CocoDesk.