CSR activity report│Fighting Against COVID-19

Protecting Employees from COVID-19

Amid the wide spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Fujifilm Group has implemented various measures according to the infection status in different regions and office environments to protect our employees from infection.

We established the COVID-19 Control Office within FUJIFILM Holdings in January 2020 and implemented a range of antiinfection measures such as distributing masks and disinfectants as well as sharing information on infection control, working with overseas Group companies. In Japan, we created Infection Control Guidelines to be applied in offices, incorporating the major control practices recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. All Group employees in Japan are now strictly following these guidelines. As Fujifilm has occupational health physicians who are specialists in infectious diseases and are actually treating COVID-19 patients, we organized office visits by those physicians so that employees can understand COVID-19 correctly and take appropriate actions to avoid infection.

In resuming business at our offices and manufacturing sites after temporary closure, we implemented measures for the “new normal” according to the seriousness of infection in different regions as well as the national/regional guidelines given in each country or region where our office or site was located. We also provided a COVID-19 seminar, displayed posters to encourage employees to take their temperature before first entering the office, and set out rules to maintain social distance during meetings.

The Fujifilm Group maintains infection control measures to protect our employees, and at the same time we are implementing new ways to improve the wellness of each and every employee.

Various measures at offices of the Group companies around the world