CSR Activity Report │ Environment

Environmental Education


The Fujifilm Group is committed to providing environmental education for its employees to help them gain basic knowledge on the environment and understanding about environmental issues, while promoting environmental activities. In addition, the Group provides e-leaning-based environmental education for all of its employees to ensure that they fully understand the “Fujifilm Group Green Policy.”

General Training Curriculum

[picture]General Training Curriculum

Since 2003, the Fujifilm Group has been implementing e-learning-based environmental education programs for all employees to increase their environmental awareness. 
Recently, we added new topics such as “biodiversity” to the curriculum and prepared training materials that are simple and easy to understand with various charts and figures. In this way, we are striving to ensure that all employees can easily understand the fundamental information of the environment they should acquire and further promote their environmental awareness.

Content of General Training Curriculum
Eligible employees

All employees of the Fujifilm Group

Learning content
  1. Toward Sustainable Development
    ・Creation of a Low Carbon Society, Recycle-based Society, and Society Coexisting with Nature
  2. Philosophical concepts of the Fujifilm Group
    ・Corporate Philosophy, Vision
    ・CSR concepts
    ・“Fujifilm Group Green Policy”
  3. Specific Initiatives of the Fujifilm Group

Expert Training Curriculum

[picture]Expert Training Curriculum

This Expert Training Curriculum is an education program for employees who are engaged in practical operations and need to acquire professional knowledge and skills. We host seminars on the management of chemical substances, desing for environment, industrial-waste management, and product safety. We plan to implement additional curriculums as necessary to foster the capabilities of experts as many as possible.

Content of Expert Training Curriculum
Eligible employees

Employees who are engaged in the relevant operations and recommended by their supervisor, or who voluntarily wish to participate in the curriculum

Course Content
  • Management of Chemical Substances
  • Design for Environment
  • Industrial-Waste Management
  • Product Safety