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Customer Relationship

As we declare in our corporate philosophy, the Fujifilm Group aims to provide the best quality products and services which are safe, appealing to customers and provide them with peace of mind, by basing our management on Customer Satisfaction (CS).” In order to achieve customer satisfaction, it is important to obtain the views of a wide range of customers and to have a mechanism in place for effectively reflecting these in our products and services. For this purpose, we pay special attention to communicating with our customers at customer centers which are our point of contact with them. We aim to correctly grasp their views, as well as seek to respond in a speedy, kind, accurate and fair manner, and we are constructing a system to link these views to improvements in product development and our work processes.

Mechanisms for Communicating with Customers

Mechanisms for Communicating with Customers

CS Program (Improvement activities based on the CS surveys)

CS Program (Improvement activities based on the CS surveys)

Customer satisfaction survey results

(1) Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction percentage was calculated in the area of FUJIFUILM Holdings to take track of customer satisfaction where after-sales services are critical, i.e., in photograph-related products, digital cameras, medical systems and the document business.

Until FY2016 the figure was limited to the document business. In FY2017, the areas of digital cameras and medical products were also added for better customer satisfaction coverage.

①Change in Customer satisfaction survey

Unit: %

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2016 FY2018 Target in
Percentage of satisfied customers among all customers (%) 93.2 93.2 83.5 85.1 84
Data coverage (e.g. within sales, customers, etc.) 47 46 73 77 73


②Customer satisfaction for business fields in the above data

Unit: %

  Business field FY2017 FY2018
Fujifilm Imaging (digital cameras and photograph-related products) 85.2 89
Healthcare and Materials (medical systems) 80 78
Fuji Xerox Document 93.2 91


(2) Customer satisfaction survey results (Fujifilm)

We conducted a survey on the following questions for customers registering with us after purchasing our products, as well as for those using the support desk for queries regarding various products.

Unit: %

  Assessment items FY2017 FY2018
Evaluation of the company (products) including the quality of response from support centers, not only products and services Willingness to recommend to friends and acquaintances 70 69
Willingness to use Fujifilm products in the future 80 77
Evaluation of the quality of response from support centers Ease in understanding the response 85 80
Ease in hearing or reading 82 82
Response speed 85 82


(3) Customer satisfaction survey results (Fuji Xerox)

Unit: %

  FY2017 FY2018
Customers willing to continue business with Fuji Xerox 95.7 94.9


Received awards for customer satisfaction survey in 2018

  • J.D. Power 2018 Japan Color Copier Customer Satisfaction Study <Large/Mid-size Business>: Highest for nine years in a row.

    [Study based on a total of 6,868 companies with 30 and more employees.URL: http://jdpower-japan.com (in Japanese only)]


  • J.D. Power 2010-2018 Technical Support Call Center Satisfaction Study: Highest in J.D. Power 2018 Technical Support Call Center Satisfaction Study <Copiers/Printers>.

    [Study based on a total of 5,109 companies with 5 and more employees. URL: http://jdpower-japan.com (in Japanese only)]

  • Ranked top in the Consulting/Upstream Design Services Category of Nikkei Computer’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, in the September 13, 2018 issue of Nikkei Computer.

Online service usage status

  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 Target in
Online customers*1
(Percentage of customers who use online services or sales platforms among all customers)
93.2 93.2 83.5 85.1 84
Online sales*2
(Percentage of online sales (direct sales and advertising))
47 46 73 77 73


  • *1 Online customers refers to customers using Fuji Xerox's domestic multifunction machine online remote maintenance contract.
  • *2 Online sales were calculated from the business fields of imaging, life science, and document solution, where online business has been reinforced.

Efforts in the Healthcare Field

The Fujifilm Group, which began as a manufacturer of photographic and motion picture film, now includes 15 different businesses. Among them, the healthcare field forms one of our major businesses. As it affects people’s lives directly, we implement special efforts, as described below.

①Efforts to improve access to healthcare services

The Fujifilm Group appoints Health as one of our priority areas and pours a range of efforts into this area. Setting Improve Accessibility to Medical Services as the priority issue in the area, we are working to introduce a health check service within different regions, and are developing an early tuberculosis diagnosis system for use in developing countries.

②Efforts to ensure fairness and transparency in the healthcare business

Just as in our other business fields, the Fujifilm Group aims to improve the quality of life for people through our healthcare products, services, and technologies.

As the healthcare field is one of the most critical business that directly influences on people’s life, we promote the following activities to ensure the transparency of our relationships with medical institutions and trust in general.

1) Sales activities through fair competition

All activities conducted by the Fujifilm Group follow industrial regulations, such as the Code of Ethics, the Charter of Business Behavior, the Promotion Code of the Medical Devices Industry, and the Fair Competition Code of the Medical Devices Industry in Japan, as specified by the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations, the Japan Fair Trade Council of the Medical Devices Industry, and the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. Further, we have set up the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and the Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct, as well as intra-company regulations specified by Group companies involved in the healthcare business. Employees in each company carry out their business adhering to these regulations and through fair business competition.

2) Information disclosure

The Fujifilm Group regularly discloses healthcare business information, such as funding, in order to gain the wider understanding of society with regards to the manner in which the Group operates its business to a high ethical standard.