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Midori-no-Komichi Environmental Diaries

Cooperating with the Midori-no-Komichi (Green Path) Environmental Diaries

From 2004, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has been supporting the Midori no Komichi (Green Path) Environmental Diaries organized by Green Cross Japan.

This project, started in 1999, mainly aims for providing elementary school students a chance to think about the earth’s environment close to them every day, and talk together about what they can do about it in their daily lives, inspired by writing environmental diaries. The project also aspires to ingrain in them the habit to carry out small acts immediately and contemplate their actions. In the latter half of the diaries, the diaries publish initiatives from municipalities, NPOs, NGOs, various environmental conservation initiatives, and the Fujifilm Group itself.

Midori-no-Komichi Environmental Diaries leaflet (published in 2018)

Class using the Midori-no-Komichi Environmental Diaries