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Green Volunteers: 15th Anniversary Reception (2012)

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

15th Anniversary Reception for the Green Volunteers was Held!

The Green Volunteers, which is sent by the Fujifilm Workers’ Union to China every year, carried out tree planting activities in the Horqin Desert of Inner Mongolia from July 29 to August 2, 2012. 

Since the 10th cohort (2007), this activity has been carried out in cooperation with FUJIFILM (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (FFCN) and many FFCN employees, mainly from FFCN Shanghai and Suzhou, participated in this activity again this year. Fujifilm Group employees from both Japan and China worked together on greening activities. This year, in addition to the 20 employees from FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan and 21 FFCN employees from China who participated, we also wanted to spread this activity to Fujifilm Group companies in Japan, thus, the chairpersons of the workers’ union from each of the companies also participated in the experience. 

For the 15th cohort, a reception to commemorate the 15th anniversary was held at the Bowang Hotel on the evening the participants arrived. 

From the second day onward, after participating in desert tours (to observe the progress of desertification), observing the growth of pine and poplar trees planted by previous cohorts (their predecessors), the 15th cohort group performed reforestation activities and with the efforts of all members combined, planted 550 pine trees, weeded the undergrowth of the pine trees planted by the 11th cohort, and pruned poplar trees. Friendships between team members deepened through the reforestation activities as well as through traveling and having meals together, and a sense of unity was fostered between these colleagues of the Fujifilm Group.

The Reception

At the reception, Katsuya Asafusa, Chairman, Fujifilm Workers’ Union, RuiFu Xu, FFCN Vice President, and Mr. Yoshio Kitaura, Director General, NPO “Green-Net”, and representatives from the local forestry bureau expressed their gratitude for the activities. In addition to presentations on the chronology and history of activities and the current situation on desert reforestation activities, a commemorative video summarizing the 15th anniversary activities created by FFCN was also shown. Once again, all participants were able to deepen their understanding of these activities. In addition, all participants voted on the cover of the commemorative book that summarizes the history of the past 15 years. All aspects of the event were well-matched to a 15th anniversary reception and it was a wonderful celebration.