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Green Volunteers: Experience Report (2015)

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

2015 “Green Volunteers 18th Cohort” Report

The Green Volunteers, dispatched to China by the Fujifilm Workers’ Union, is a symbolic social contribution activity that has continued for 18 years. In 2015, the 18th year, reforestation activities were carried out in the same area as the previous year, the Horqin Desert, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, from August 1 to 5 (4 nights, 5 days). 

Three members from the Fujifilm Workers’ Union, one from the Fujifilm Cooperative, and following with the previous year, two joined from the company-based union affiliated with the Group Workers’ Union. This year, the group of six people spent two days that overlapped with a group dispatched from FUJIFILM (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (FFCN), who are also conducting reforestation activities in the Horqin Desert, and the two groups collaborated on work such as pruning poplar, desert tour, and weed removal from pine trees that had been planted in the past.

After finishing work for the day, the participants were able to get to know each other even more at the traditional Mongolian welcome dinner at the hotel, in addition to experiencing the nightlife in Kanchika afterward. This fostered a sense of cross-border unity among these colleagues of the Fujifilm Group.

With 150 newly planted pine trees in the background

Horqin is called the “Sandy Land,” and is a desert dotted with greenery

Pruning poplars carefully

Working together in a bucket relay

With local NPO staff members before returning to Japan