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Green Volunteers: Experience Report (2017)

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

The tree-planting area, Can Gio, is designated as a national park in Vietnam, and before starting work, the participants learned about the history of the Can Gio district and received a training session on mangrove reforestation activities from local staff. The participants then went to the site and planted about 300 mangrove tree seedlings, in addition to planting saplings that have a higher rate of taking root. The work was done under the blazing sun, but participants chatted with each other and worked as one to complete the project. After the work was done, not only did they feel a sense of achievement but also an increased sense of unity as members of the Fujifilm Group. 

After the activity, participants also visited facilities and viewed documents about the Vietnam War, which was the reason for the mangrove reforestation activities. By learning about the situation at the time and being reminded of the horrors of war, participants were able to see the purpose of this activity. 

At the social gathering held afterward in Ho Chi Minh City, local staff were invited to join from FUJIFILM ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. (FFAP) and FUJIFILM VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (FFVN), and they gave a talk on local business and the market environment. The participants seemed to be stimulated by the content of the talk regarding the rapid expansion of Vietnam and the progress of Fujifilm’s business development in the country.

Lecture on planting saplings

Digging a hole with a shovel

Mangrove saplings planted by the team

Training by Can Gio National Park staff

Planting the seedlings in a line

Visit to the site of the Liberation Army Base

Social gathering aboard a boat with staff from FFVN and FFAP