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Green Volunteers: Experience Report (2017)

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)


2017 “Green Volunteers 20th Cohort” Report

In front of Can Gio National Park

The Green Volunteers is a symbolic activity and is dispatched overseas every year by the Fujifilm Workers’ Union as part of its social contribution activities. Although the teams have been dispatched to China for 19 consecutive years, the location was changed for a fresh start in Vietnam from 2017. The 20th cohort, who were dispatched to Vietnam from July 30 to August 3, 2017, carried out tree-planting activities in the Can Gio district of Vietnam. A total of 30 employees from FUJIFILM Corporation, Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Engineering Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Optics Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Techno Products Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Techno Service Co., Ltd. and the Fujifilm Cooperative participated in the work.

The tree-planting area, Can Gio, is designated as a national park in Vietnam, and before starting work, the participants learned about the history of the Can Gio district and received a training session on mangrove reforestation activities from local staff. The participants then went to the site and planted about 300 mangrove tree seedlings, in addition to planting saplings that have a higher rate of taking root. The work was done under the blazing sun, but participants chatted with each other and worked as one to complete the project. After the work was done, not only did they feel a sense of achievement but also an increased sense of unity as members of the Fujifilm Group. 

After the activity, participants also visited facilities and viewed documents about the Vietnam War, which was the reason for the mangrove reforestation activities. By learning about the situation at the time and being reminded of the horrors of war, participants were able to see the purpose of this activity. 

At the social gathering held afterward in Ho Chi Minh City, local staff were invited to join from FUJIFILM ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. (FFAP) and FUJIFILM VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (FFVN), and they gave a talk on local business and the market environment. The participants seemed to be stimulated by the content of the talk regarding the rapid expansion of Vietnam and the progress of Fujifilm’s business development in the country.

Lecture on planting saplings

Digging a hole with a shovel

Mangrove saplings planted by the team

Training by Can Gio National Park staff

Planting the seedlings in a line

Visit to the site of the Liberation Army Base

Social gathering aboard a boat with staff from FFVN and FFAP


FUJIFILM Corporation
Regenerative Medicine Research Laboratories
Kazuhiro Yamaguchi

Participating in the 20th Green Volunteers (Team Leader)

This was our first time participating in the Green Volunteers and we joined as a couple. I was the Team Leader of the 20th cohort, which was also the first time for the Green Volunteers to carry out its activities in Vietnam. I am relieved that we were able to complete the activities safely without any major problems.

Despite the fact that the participants came from a broad range of industries and ages, and most people had met for the first time, everyone was very friendly and we got to know each other quickly. Working with my team members and being able to contribute to society even a little in Vietnam was a wonderful experience that would not have been possible on an ordinary trip.

I think this is a great initiative for Fujifilm Group to contribute to society through these types of activities. I hope that the scope of these activities will continue to expand in the future.

FUJIFILM Corporation
Display Materials Business Division
Nao Ogata

Participating in the 20th Green Volunteers (Team Member)

This was my first time participating in a volunteer activity, but by learning the history of Vietnam and the significance of tree planting in advance, I was able to engage in the activity in a way that was personally relevant. Through these activities, I realized that our activities lead to the reforestation and improvement in the environment for those who live in Vietnam, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

I was also grateful for the opportunity to meet many other members of the Fujifilm Group from a variety of departments and a wide age range. I would strongly recommend it to those around me and I would like to participate in the next one!

Fujifilm Workers’ Union
Chief Secretary, Kaisei Branch
Yutaro Norizuki

Participating in the 20th Green Volunteers (Lead Staff of Fujifilm Workers’ Union)

Although it was the first time for us to change the location of the activity to Vietnam, we had a large group as 30 people participated. Unlike when this was held in China, there was no collaboration with a local NPO, so I was concerned that issues might arise somewhere we were visiting for the first time, but thanks to the cooperation of the team leader and other members, we were able to complete the project with no problem.

In addition to engaging in social contribution through reforestation activities, I was able to experience the energy, culture and history of the Vietnamese people and it was more stimulating than an ordinary trip would have been. Also, although we all work at the Fujifilm Group, those members who do not have a daily working relationship with each other had an opportunity to build deeper relationships, which makes me happy.

I would like to make the most of this experience and our reflections on it to make improvements so that next year’s Green Volunteers will be a more fulfilling activity, and I would encourage everyone to participate.