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Green Volunteers: Experience Report (2018)

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

2018 “Green Volunteers 21st Cohort” Report

As part of its social contribution activities, the Fujifilm Workers’ Union continues to carry out volunteer activities for reforestation through its “Green Volunteers.” In 2018, which is the 21st year, mangrove-planting activities were carried out in Vietnam from July 28 to August 2. This was the second consecutive year for the tree-planting activities in this area and this time, a total of 18 people participated from FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Business Expert Corporation, FUJIFILM Shizuoka Co., Ltd. and the Fujifilm Cooperative.

The Can Gio district in Vietnam, where the trees were planted, was once a place rich in greenery and water, with expanses of mangrove forests inhabited by a wide variety of creatures, however, the defoliant that was sprayed by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War caused 40,000 hectares of the forest to disappear. The area was designated a national park after the war, and 75% of the forest was restored thanks to the reforestation activities of locals and overseas volunteers. Even so, reforestation activities are needed to this day to repair the damage to the ecosystem due to coastal erosion.

Participants first received a lecture on the reforestation of mangrove forests from the Can Gio National Park staff, and learned the background and significance of the activities. Afterward, five people joined from FUJIFILM VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (FFVN), the local subsidiary with jurisdiction over Vietnam, and the group planted 540 mangrove seedlings and 450 saplings, which have a higher rate of taking root. The participants carried out the work while sweating under the blazing sun which turned into a squall that left them covered in mud, but the team members chatted with each other and worked together to complete the tree planting.

Participants also visited facilities related to the Vietnam War, such as the War Remnants Museum. By learning about the background of the Vietnam War, which was the reason for the mangrove reforestation activity and being reminded of the horrors of war, participants were able to see the purpose of this activity in a new light.

Lecture on tree-planting by national park staff

Relay with 450 saplings!

Planting seedlings while covered in mud

Ceremony to receive a Reforestation Certificate

Five people from FFVN also participated in the 21st cohort

Visit to the War Remnants Museum