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Green Volunteers: Experience Report (2019)

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

2019 “Green Volunteers 22nd Cohort” Report

Fujifilm’s Green Volunteers contributes to the healthy regeneration of mangrove forests and environmental conservation in Vietnam!

As part of its social contribution activities, the Fujifilm Workers’ Union carries out volunteer activities for reforestation through its “Green Volunteers.” In 2019, which is the 22nd year, mangrove-planting activities were carried out in Vietnam from July 27 to August 1. This was the third time this has been held in Vietnam. A total of 14 people participated from FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Business Expert Corporation, FUJIFILM Medical Co., Ltd., FUJIFILM Techno Products Co., Ltd. and FUJIFILM Techno Service Co., Ltd.

The tree-planting activities took place at Can Gio National Park, which is about a two-hour drive south of Ho Chi Minh City. This was once an area rich in nature with an expanse of mangrove trees where various creatures lived, but due to the defoliant sprayed by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War, 40,000 hectares of land was damaged and the mangroves disappeared. After the war, the area was designated as a national park and about 75% of the land recovered due to the tree planting activities of local people and volunteers from overseas, but reforestation activities are still required to restore and preserve the ecosystem.

After visiting the War Remnants Museum to learn the history of the Vietnam War, participants traveled to Can Gio National Park. Four people from FUJIFILM VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (FFVN) also joined in and together the group planted 400 mangrove seedlings and 350 saplings, which have a higher rate of taking root. The work was done in temperatures of over 30℃, involving sweat and mud, but the participants chatted with each other while planting trees.