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Shosoin Shogozo Scrolls Archive

Social and Cultural Contribution Achievable through Photo and Film Technology

Microfilm offers detail, beauty and ensured long-term preservation not seen in other forms of record media. The Fujifilm Group makes use of film’s advantages to support the archiving of valuable cultural properties and works of art.


Cooperating on Archiving Work for the National Archives of Japan

The National Archives of Japan have the important duty of transmitting precious archives considered national treasures to future generations. Their goal is to be of use to the public through pertinent preservation of important archives acting as historical documents related to the country’s safekeeping.

They are currently digitizing film with a guaranteed medium lifespan, continuously opening digital galleries to the public and offering data on their website containing a myriad of historical content. In addition to advanced photo technology for photographing archive documents with an eventual shelf life, meticulous caution—cultivated over many years of experience handling archive documents to grasp the condition of said documents before photographing—was necessary to the process.

The National Archives continues this work centered around the confidence they have with FUJIFILM Imagetech Co., Ltd. (now FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Co., Ltd.). They keep the burden inflicted on the precious original documents to a minimum, realizing their role as an institution of use to the people.

Archives of the Japanese constitution’s preamble (left) and original signatures (right)

Members of the National Archives of Japan and FUJIFILM Imagetech Co., Ltd. (now: FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Co., Ltd.)