CSR Activity Report │ Work Style │Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources 


(FUJIFILM's Activities)

Our Philosophy of “Diverse Working Styles”

It is said that the productive population in Japan will be halved due to aging society, declining birthrates, and falling population. For Japanese companies to maintain and reinforce their competitiveness against this severe backdrop, it is important to create an environment where motivated employees can lively demonstrate their unique strength regardless of their gender or age. Aiming to become a company where diverse employees can fully demonstrate their individual capabilities, Fujifilm has been implementing Work Style Innovation activities to create a corporate culture that encourages our employees to obtain their unique strength and work in effective ways for positive results. 

More specifically, these activities are continuously implemented based on the three pillars of “Work Style Innovation”: (1) Reform of working styles (each employee needs to rethink their working style to improve hourly productivity and performance); (2) Promotion of workplace diversity (each employee needs to obtain and demonstrate their unique strength in performing tasks regardless of gender and age); and (3) Enhancement of support systems (Each employee can receive support for diverse working styles, such as balancing of childrearing, nursing care, etc. with work). In this way, we aim to generate synergic effects.

Specific Systems and Measures

Fujifilm has been continuously implementing schemes necessary for the promotion of diverse working styles. For example, we had introduced a childcare leave system before the scheme was obligated by law.
In 2007, we launched the F-POWER project under the slogan “Strong individuals and strong organizations that make strong Fujifilm.” The objective of the project is to “create a work environment where female employees can work lively and fully demonstrate their abilities without worrying about their childcare responsibilities.” We hosted seminars to renew understanding about the working styles of female employees. We also established schemes to develop and promote female employees with higher qualifications, provide training programs for them, and support their work-life balance while raising children. 

In 2010, in response to the revised Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, we enhanced the work-life balance support system, the nursing care leave system, and the family care leave system beyond the extent required by law. 
In addition, the Employee Welfare Association started a childrearing support program, under which female employees can get financial assistance for overtime childcare, etc. 

In 2013, we introduced a system to guarantee female employees maternity leave and reinstatement to the same or equivalent employment. Under the system, female employees are entitled to return to their previous workplace after their childcare leave so that their career will not be interrupted by their life event and their experiences and expertise will not be wasted. We also introduced a system for those who are under childcare leave. The system provides them with online courses to acquire necessary knowledge and skills as well as necessary information for reinstatement in order to help them return to work smoothly. Furthermore, we introduced a re-employment system to enable employees with established careers and experiences to return to the company after they had left the company for unavoidable circumstances. 

As explained above, we have been promoting Work Style Innovation activities since October 2014, focusing on the following initiatives:

Reform of Working Styles (Each Employee Needs to Rethink Their Working Style to Improve Hourly Productivity and Performance)
  • Less paper usage promotion

  • More efficient meetings (Facilitation seminars)

  • Reducing long working hours (Two leave-office-on-time days per week, work hour record check, and consultations at workplaces)

  • Raising awareness and reforming business processes (Training programs for selected managers and work style reform activities in each workplace)

  • Lectures by experts

Promotion of Workplace Diversity (Each Employee Needs to Obtain and Demonstrate Their Unique Strength in Performing Tasks Regardless of Gender and Age)
  • Career design training program for female employees (for those in their fifth year of employment)

  • Diversity management training program (for managers of female workers)

  • Career development training program (for employees in their 30s)

  • Career life design training program (for employees in their 50s)

Enhancement of Support Systems (Each Employee Can Receive Support for Diverse Working Styles, Such as Balancing of Childrearing, Nursing Care, Etc. with Work)
  • Introduction of a work-at-home system and a hourly paid leave system

  • Support for a care and work balance (Survey of employees involved with nursing care, care and work balance support seminars, and increased support offices for nursing care)

In 2018, we are advancing further working efficiency by implementing the reform of working styles with mobile PCs, the visualization of operation processes using IT, and the reform of operation processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The time created as a result of improving working efficiency can be used for self-development, networking, and deeper communications with family members. Employees can utilize what they acquire from such spare-time activities in their carrier. This cycle will benefit both the growth of employees and the company. 
Moving forward, we will strive to promote support and education initiatives to achieve diverse working styles with high productivity.

Stock Leave: Stock leave is a system enabling employees to accumulate unused leave time up to 60 days. Accumulated leave days may be used for treatment needed for personal health problems, rehabilitation, childcare, nursing care, and volunteer activities.

Relationship with the Labor Union

Fujifilm maintains a solid labor-management relationship with the Labor Union and implements measures for employee welfare benefits through collaboration with the Union. 
We established the Labor and Management Committee where employees exchange opinions with the management at group company/factory level on a regular basis. We also established special committees in each area of labor and management, such as the Special Committee on Work Rules and the Special Committee on Compensation. In this way, we ensure labor-and-management discussions on necessary measures for employee welfare benefits. In addition, the Labor Union is involved in our group-wide projects such as “Work Style Innovation” and “Promotion of Physical and Mental Health.” We are jointly committed to creating an environment where our employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

We also encourage all group-company labor unions and employee associations to participate in discussions with the FUJIFILM Group Labor Union in order to strengthen the labor-management relationship between the Fujifilm Group companies and the Union.