CSR Activity Report │ Work Style │Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources [Priority Issue 2]

Human Resource Development

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

Fujifilm’s Philosophy of Human Resource Development

Diverse Employees Fully Demonstrating Their Respective Abilities and Achieving Positive Results by Leveraging Their Strength and Effective Working Style

Fujifilm is aiming to realize its corporate slogan “Value from Innovation” by courageously taking on challenges presented by an ever-changing business environment without fearing changes. 
To achieve this mission, we are committed to establishing a corporate culture where diverse employees can fully demonstrate their respective abilities and achieve positive results by leveraging their strength and effective working style. In such a corporate culture, employees can compete with each other by developing their personal strength and values, which, as a result, will bring innovations to the Group.

Fujifilm expects the following six capabilities for ideal human resources:

  1. Capability to Work Globally 
    Fujifilm conducts a broad range of businesses globally. To actively participate in such a global market, it is necessary to obtain language skills, understand others’ cultural backgrounds, listen carefully to others’ opinions, and clearly express own thoughts.

  2. Capability to Demonstrate a High Level of Expertise 
    Not only in the global professional market but also in the assigned areas of business, it is necessary to acquire and enhance relevant expertise in the fields of business, functions, and technologies, and demonstrate a high level of professional business practices.

  3. Capability to Take Ownership 
    Each employee should take ownership of its assigned tasks and independently perform the tasks without limiting the scope of its responsibilities, thereby successfully achieving significant results.

  4. Capability to Relearn Promptly 
    Our business environment is changing at an unprecedented pace, including the rapid advancement of ICT and globalization. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to relearn and acquire personal strength that has a high market value in order to respond to changes in the social environment.

  5. Capability to Demonstrate Leadership for Innovative Changes 
    Due to rapid globalization and business diversification, it is essential to have strong leadership that can lead an organization and achieve significant results. In particular, a leader who can exercise the following actions is required for innovative changes: (1) Bring innovation by making changes beyond the conventional values (2) Develop and motivate diverse human resources in a team

  6. Capability to Achieve Significant Results within Short Working Hours 
    It is desirable to create an organization with high productivity, by reviewing the existing working style and adopting a working style with which each employee can achieve significant results within short working hours.

A person’s business performance reflects his/her integrated personal capabilities. Employees are expected to achieve a positive spiral by learning with humility from anything and anyone, developing personal capabilities through work experiences, and accomplishing tasks with such developed capabilities to generate greater values.

Training Programs That Support Human Resource Development

Fujifilm places great value on Human Resource Development. More specifically, we aim to establish a corporate culture where each employee seeks to grow, acquires strength with a high market value, and becomes a professional that can demonstrate diverse personal capabilities. At the same time, their supervisor makes a serious endeavor to develop their staff’s skills and abilities. To do so, we provide training programs for all positions from new employees to managers in order to enhance their respective roles. For example, we implement a system to develop young employees who have served less than three years at the company. Under the system, we set growth targets for them, such as learning with humility from anything and anyone, and passionately challenging and executing their tasks. Based on the growth targets, action targets are determined, which will be closely supported by senior employees. For managers, we provide training programs to enhance the strength to complete tasks while making essential innovative changes for better results and motivating team members. We also provide career support programs to enhance strength at each milestone after joining the company and systematic leadership development programs on a regular basis.

In addition, Fujifilm provides training programs to develop basic skills, techniques, and expertise necessary for employees working at the R&D, production, and sales/marketing divisions and functions, respectively. These training programs enable employees to systematically learn specific skills, such as business and ICT skills, by themselves from the basic level to the advanced level necessary for their respective workplace. We also link instructions provided during On-the-Job Training to that of Off-the-job training in order to enhance operational capabilities effectively.


Providing Various Practical Training Programs to Develop Global Human Resources

Aiming to expand its business to the global market, Fujifilm promotes the initiatives of Global Human Resource Development based on the themes of “Strategically develop global skills and mindset” and “Build up the strength to challenge globally.” For Japanese employees who are appointed to overseas positions, we provide practical training programs such as training prior to overseas appointments and overseas onsite training. For employees working at overseas subsidiaries, we conduct training programs to disseminate our corporate value of “FUJIFILM WAY” to all employees around the world, as well as the executive training program of “FUJIFILM Global Leadership Seminar.”

Furthermore, we have been working on the establishment of a system to systematically recruit, develop, and employ talented human resources, aiming to cultivate global personnel who can be optimally assigned and work across the world regardless of their attributes such as nationality and gender. To achieve this mission, we host a meeting of HRD personnel from North America, Europe, China, and the Asia Pacific to discuss specific measures for the understanding, selection, development, and pooling of human resources from a global perspective. Moving forward, we will advance the establishment of a human resource base that enables our employees around the world to be linked with each other organically and expand our business in the global market.