CSR plan

The background of establishing our CSR Plan

Assessment of the 15 Priority Issues in Six Areas

In SVP 2016, priority issues were divided into "solving social issues through business activities" (opportunities) and "conscious of environmental and social impact within business processes (environment, work style, etc.)" (risks). SVP 2030 specifies internal and external aspects of each of the areas of the environment, health, daily life and work style. In "1. Address climate change" under "Environment," for example, Fujifilm Group plans to tackle this goal from both aspects of opportunity and risks, through reducing CO2 emissions in its business activities and at the same time through development and promotion of environmentally conscious products and services.

In promoting global business, the plan focuses on reinforcement of the CSR foundation in the environment, ethics, human rights, etc., for the entire supply chain, as well as reinforcement of governance for greater dissemination of an "open, fair and clear" corporate culture. For these purposes, 15 priority issues in six areas were established for implementation in all corporate activities.

Especially in the area of the environment among these priority issues, concrete numerical targets were established for FY2030. We are currently working on reducing our Group's CO2 emissions across the entire product lifecycle, as well as reducing the CO2 emissions generated in society through dissemination of our Group's products and services.

SVP2030 Priority Area and Priority Issues (Materiality)
[Figure]SVP2030 Priority Area and Priority Issues (Materiality)

Achieving the goals of 2030

The long-term goals set out in SVP 2030 were conceived in the drive to take one step forward from the previous "inside-out" perspective that focuses on existing business activities as the starting point and adopts an "outside-in" approach starting from social issues to examine what the company, its products and services should be. What products and services are necessary in the development of a sustainable society, and what technologies are needed for this purpose? SVP 2030 reaches beyond the Fujifilm Group's products and services (i.e., output*3) to a concrete vision of its contribution to building a sustainable society (i.e., outcome*4) and lays down as its final goal realization of both growth for the Group and solutions to social issues.

In the years ahead, the Group plans to work on contributing further to resolving social issues and on enhancing corporate value through creation of new values from products, services and technology development that can move social reform forward to achieve the goals of SVP 2030.

  • *3 Output: Products, services, etc., created by organizational and business activities
  • *4 Outcome: Change, benefit, learning and other effects of output from an organization or business operation