CSR plan

Annual Plan


This is the common priority measures for this fiscal year for each operating company to achieve the goal of our CSR plan, SVP2030 targeting fiscal year 2030.

FY2022 Fujifilm Group Priority Measures

Priority Issues Priority Measures
1. Address climate change 1) Develop and promote CO2 emission reduction activities in each business domain based on the Fujifilm Group environmental strategy "Green Value Climate Strategy"
2) Develop and market products and services that will reduce CO2 emissions across product lifecycle and CO2 emissions in society
 (i) Create "Green Value Products" to be certified under the Fujifilm Group's environmentally-conscious product certification program
 (ii) Enhance the evaluation level of Scope3 CO2 emissions
3) Promote "Green Value Manufacturing" that requires minimal CO2 emissions 
 (i) Expand the use of renewable energy
 (ii) Study technical feasibility of  the introduction of fuels that do not emit CO2
 (iii) Develop and introduce production processes and manufacturing technologies that have minimal CO2 emissions
 (iv) Use the Internal Carbon Pricing system to promote CO2 emission reduction measures
4) Assess risks and business opportunities associated with climate change to set future business strategy
2. Promote recycling of resources 1) Improve the quality of resource recycling
 (i) Promote the recycling of simply disposed waste (landfill / incineration) and its conversion into valuables
 (ii) Expand the scope of application for product reuse and recycling
 (iii) Consider using recycled plastics and bioplastics into new products
2) Promote water use reduction, reuse and recycling to contribute to water resource conservation
3. Address energy issues toward a decarbonized society Develop products and technologies that will contribute to conserving, storing and creating energy
4. Ensure product and chemical safety 1) Reduce and replace priority substances for risk management
2) Develop materials and processes that contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting resources recycling
3) Disseminate knowledge and mechanisms that facilitate appropriate chemicals management across the supply chain
4) Implement product safety assessment and monitoring in accordance with internal rules
5) Continue to improve the systems for regulatory compliance to support the expansion of product and business areas
5. Promote management of a healthy workplace (prevent workplace accidents) 1) Improve  the level of biological material management in accordance with internal rules
2) Implement risk assessment on industrial processes to prevent workplace accidents
3) Investigate the cause of workplace accidents in depth to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents and implement preventive measures throughout the Fujifilm Group
6. Strengthen CSR foundations across the entire supply chain 1) Strengthen communication and collaboration with suppliers for reducing CO2 emissions
2) Implement appropriate procurement of plant-derived materials in accordance with internal rules
7. Information disclosure and communication of relevant information Disclose scenarios and activities toward achieving the SVP2030 goals
8. Employee education 1) Implement environmental education to achieve new climate targets by inspiring voluntary activities
2) Continue basic educations on environmental safety, product safety and occupational safety