CSR plan

Annual CSR Plan

This is the common priority measures for this fiscal year for each operating company to achieve the goal of our CSR plan, SVP2030 targeting fiscal year 2030.

FY2020 Fujifilm Group Priority Issues

Priority Issues Priority Measures
1. Address Climate Change (1) Reduce CO2 emissions across the entire product lifecycle from material procurement, product manufacturing, transportation, to use and disposal.
(2) Develop and disseminate products and services that contribute to CO2 emissions reduction in society.
(Creation of the Fujifilm Group environmentally conscious products, Green Value Products)
(3) Globally promote strategic energy-saving activities.
  ① Group-wide expansion of energy-saving and renewable-energy-usage measures.
  ② More efficient energy usage using cogeneration systems.
(4) Assess risks and opportunities concerning climate change, reflect the assessment results in the business strategy, and disclose relevant information.
2. Promote Recycling of Resources (1) Promote efficient water usage.
(2) Develop and disseminate products and services that contribute to water resource conservation in society.
(Creation of the Fujifilm Group environmentally conscious products, Green Value Products)
(3) Improve resource usage per unit in production.
(4) Promote waste reduction.
(5) Improve the quality of resource recycling.
     ① Promotion of recycling and recovering valuable materials from waste.
     ② Increase recycling of used products.
3. Address Energy Issues (1) Develop technologies that contribute to energy saving, storage and creation.
4. Ensure Product and Chemical Safety (1) Promote voluntary control over high priority substances for risk management; and continue management of VOC emissions.
(2) Contribute to chemical safety utilizing the chemical library.
(3) Develop a safety assessment method taking account of animal welfare and apply the method to intra-company chemical management.
(4) Disseminate management of chemicals in products across the supply chain.
(5) Promote safe chemical handling.
(6) Assess and improve performance of internal rules concerning product safety and chemical management.
(7) Continue improving legal compliance to support product expansion.
5. Promote Management of a Healthy Workplace (work accident prevention) (1) Improve management level by standardizing biological material handling across the group.
(2) Prevention of work accidents by assessing occupational safety and health risks.
6. Strengthen CSR Foundations acrossthe Entire Supply Chain (1) Request suppliers to run their business with consideration for the environment, ethics, and human rights.
(2) Establish regular onsite “Visit and Check” in critical suppliers and reinforce improvement activities.
(3) Appropriately procure plant-derived materials.
7. Improve Communications, and Information Disclosure & Provision (1) Proactively disclose corporate information through the official website and the Sustainability Report.
(2) Enhance the quality of environmental performance information.
8. Employee Training (1) Thoroughly educate employees about product safety, workplace safety, and environmental laws.