CSR Management

Effective Management System

In the context of business globalization and the increasing ratio of B2B (business-to-business) transactions, it is imperative for Fujifilm Group to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a fundamental part of its corporate philosophy while reinforcing corporate strength and facilitating structural reforms. For this purpose, Fujifilm Group has introduced the IMS*1 to integrate our business processes with CSR activities and ensure that the management's intentions are reflected in our business processes and achieve the desired business outcomes. By re-evaluating our business from the stakeholders' perspective, we are promoting the continuous improvement of our business through various initiatives such as enhancing business quality and the mitigation of environmental impact risks.

The Fujifilm Group utilizes IMS at nine IMS Activity Units to drive activities forward and enhance customer satisfaction. Therefore, considering the viability of integrating additional useful systems, we will seek to make a comparatively wider use of IMS.

  • *1 IMS stands for an integrated management system, which comprises multiple types of management systems, including the EMS (environmental management system), QMS (quality management system), OHSAS (occupational health and safety assessment system), and the ISMS (information security management system).

[図]IMS PDCA cycle

Introduction of IMS activities

From its head office, in 2004, FUJIFILM Headquarter launched its effort to build an integrated management system (IMS) to operate the quality management system (QMS) and the environmental management system (EMS) in an integrated way. As a result, we obtained IMS Certification in 2006. Subsequently, we extended the IMS to production units and Group companies, where QMS and EMS activities were conducted separately. Currently, Fujifilm Group has nine IMS Activity Units (please see the table). We are also integrating the information security management system (ISMS) and the occupational health and safety assessment system (OHSAS) into the IMS to expand the scope of integration in ways that are suitable to the characteristics of each organization.
The Fujifilm Group is evolving and operating its IMS not only to meet ISO requirements but also to make practical use of the IMS as a tool for innovative changes and business transformation.

Overview of Fujifilm Group's IMS Activity Units (as of June 2023)

IMS Activity Unit Company/Division participating No. of employees involved in activity Year of IMS Certification ob Features
FUJIFILM Headquarter IMS FUJIFILM Holdings/ FUJIFILM Headquarter site・Omiya Office/Group companies Approx. 4300 2006 The largest IMS population among all the business locations in Japan, with participation of Headquarter and sales/production subsidiaries.
Operating under 5-Systems Integrated Manual consisting of QMS, EMS, OHSMS, ISMS and Complaint-Response MS.
FUJIFILM Kanagawa IMS FUJIFILM Kanagawa Factory/Laboratory/Group companies Approx. 3200 2009 The largest IMS population among all the production bases in Japan. Integrating 2 systems consisting of QMS and EMS.
FUJIFILM Fujinomiya IMS FUJIFILM Fujinomiya Factory/Group companies Approx. 1100 2011 Integrating 3 systems consisting of QMS, EMS and OHSMS.
FUJIFILM Yoshida-Minami IMS FUJIFILM Yoshida-Minami Factory/Laboratory/Group companies Approx. 700 2011 Integrating 3 systems consisting of QMS, EMS and OHSAS.
FUJIFILM Kyushu IMS FUJIFILM Kyushu*2 Approx. 300 2008 Integrating 2 systems consisting of QMS, and EMS.
FUJIFILM Electronic Materials IMS FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Approx. 400 2008 Integrating 3 systems consisting of QMS, EMS and OHSMS, by also applying OHSAS to the sales organization.
FUJIFILM Opto Materials Yoshida IMS FUJIFILM Opto Materials*2 Yoshida IMS Approx. 350 2004 The first Unit in Fujifilm Group that obtained the IMS Certification.
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical IMS FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation/FUJIFILM Wako Chemical Corporation Approx. 1,700 2020 Integrating 2 systems consisting of QMS and EMS.
FUJIFILM Business Innovation IMS FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp./Affiliated Companies Approx. 26,000 2016 QMS, EMS and ISMS operational over all organizations. Integrating 4 systems including OHSMS


*2 FUJIFILM Kyushu and FUJIFILM Opto-Materials changed to FUJIFUILM MATERIAL MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. on July 1, 2023.