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Making Contributions with Values That Can Only be Delivered by the Fujifilm Group as a Company Indispensable for a Sustainable Society

Teiichi Goto
President and CEO

[photograph]Teiichi Goto President and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down, and continues to deal a significant impact on all aspects of people’s lives, living, education and work styles globally. Since the outbreak of the disease in the early 2020, all economic activity as well as various initiatives to achieve SDGs have come to a grinding halt, leaving many to re-examine the roles of business enterprises.

Over the past year, the Fujifilm Group has made all-out efforts in helping the world overcome COVID-19, such as contract manufacturing of active ingredients in vaccine candidates, developing AI-based diagnostic imaging support software for pneumonia, and developing and supplying reagents for detecting new virus mutations. Having reinvented itself from a photographic film company into a corporation with a focus on the healthcare and highly functional materials businesses, Fujifilm is now feeling the responsibility of contributing to our society through business activities more than ever before. As the world moves toward a post-COVID world, there is a growing “Green Recovery” trend of seizing this opportunity to build a more resilient society, capable of addressing social issues including global warming. As a corporate citizen, Fujifilm will continue to work for resolving such social issues.

Making a fresh start with the new mid-term management plan “VISION2023” to achieve goals set out in the CSR Plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030”

In 2017, Fujifilm drew up the CSR Plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030),” setting out goals to be achieved by 2030 in four priority areas (Environment, Health, Daily Life and Work Style) and two bases for business activities (Supply Chain and Governance), to be approached from the perspectives of “solving social issues through business activities” and “considering society and the environment in our business processes.” For the last four years, we have carried out activities based on the mid-term management plan “VISION2019” to enhance a far-reaching business portfolio and established a robust business foundation that is resilient even to the pandemic. The new mid-term management plan “VISION2023” was announced in April 2021 as the next step toward achieving goals set out in SVP2030.

Climate-related initiatives, to be implemented in the area of the “Environment,” include raising the CO2 emissions reduction target*1 from 30% to 45% across the entire product lifecycle (30% reduction target already achieved in FY2019), and increasing the company’s contribution to reducing CO2 emissions generated in society from 50 million tons to 90 million tons. The emissions reduction target of 45% has been recognized by the international environmental initiative “Science Based Targets (SBT)” as “WB2℃ (well-below 2 degrees Celsius),” i.e. science-based targets for achieving the 2℃ targets adopted in the Paris Agreement.

In the area of “Health,” Fujifilm has set the target of expanding the deployment of its AI-based medical products and services from 57 countries in FY2019 to 196 countries in FY2030 with the eventual goal of their introduction to all countries and regions. We will actively provide technical guidance to doctors and medical technologists who handle medical devices in order to enhance medical access and quality of healthcare in regions with poor access to healthcare, thereby resolving regional disparity in healthcare services.

In the area of “Daily Life,” as digital transformation (DX) advances in our society, Fujifilm will contribute to building a safe and secure society and peaceful living, adopting a variety of approaches including developing electronic materials for cutting-edge semiconductors that are essential for the development of 5G, self-driving, etc., promoting the introduction of recording media and display materials that facilitate data-oriented society, assisting the digitization of the commercial printing and package printing, and creating products and services in the photographic and videographic fields that enrich our lives.

In the area of “Work Style,” Fujifilm will enhance its solution delivery, aiming to offer productivity improvement and work styles that facilitate creativity to some 50 million workers. This initiative will be led by FUJIFILM Business Innovation, a company formerly known as Fuji Xerox and renamed in April 2021, to literally offer innovation-delivering values to client businesses.

This fiscal year, Fujifilm has established a new management structure to clearly separate the roles of management execution and supervision. The Board of Directors is now tasked to monitor whether the company is acting in line with policies set out in the mid-term management plan, functioning fairly to all stakeholders and operating in a direction consistent with values sought by our society. This way, we will apply corporate governance that does not hinder business expansion and boosts transparency.

Continuing to grow and offer values in order to generate positive changes in our society

The Fujifilm Group is capable of deploying a diverse range of businesses and contributing to solving a range of social issues from various angles. In order to contribute to our society in four priority areas (Environment, Health, Daily Life and Work Style) and accelerate global business deployment, we must further use AI technology and ICT to streamline work processes, create Group-wide business synergy and foster diverse human resources who can relentlessly work toward our goals. To this end, in assuming the position of CEO, I have declared my commitment of (1) bringing further growth to all business areas, (2) promoting Group-wide DX and (3) developing and reinforcing human resources capable of achieving results on the global arena. I will work on these challenges in the effort to apply Fujifilm Group’s strengths to creating social values.

In order to change our society for the better, the Fujifilm Group needs to be able to create change constantly. Under the slogan of “NEVER STOP,” we will take on challenges and continue growing, so as to further contribute to establishing a sustainable society by providing outstanding values.

June 29, 2021

  • *1 FY2030 targets in reference to the FY2013 level