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AI Policy

Fujifilm Group AI Policy

The Fujifilm Group’s corporate philosophy is to contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improved health and environmental protection in society, thereby helping enhance the quality of life of people worldwide. In line with this philosophy, we are combining AI (Artificial Intelligence) with our advanced proprietary technologies, nurtured in a variety of business fields, to create new value, bringing greater comfort and convenience to people’s lives and resolving various issues faced by society.

We recognize that AI, which is still under development, is capable of delivering a wide range of benefits, but contains a number of issues that must also be taken into account, including ethical issues. The rapid advancement of AI technology is also altering social norms and values. Under Fujifilm’s open, fair and clear corporate culture, as defined in the Group’s Vision, we continue to focus on earnest discussions and collaborations with internal and external stakeholders to build mutual trust, and will take on challenges to deliver values that can be created with AI. The Fujifilm Group aims to leverage AI technology to contribute to building a better society, based on the policy set forth below.

1.Accelerating New Value Creation

In its efforts to bring about safe, robust and easy-to-use products and services, the Fujifilm Group will actively promote the use of AI to ensure that more and more people can enjoy the benefits of AI technology. By promoting the integration of AI into the advanced proprietary technologies the Group has developed, and through co-creation with external partners, the Fujifilm Group will generate new values in a speedy manner to lead the world in resolving societal issues in healthcare and a wide range of other fields. We will also actively utilize AI in various work processes including R&D and production in company-wide efforts to streamline operations and rapidly deliver values to meet societal expectations.

2.Respecting Human Rights

The Fujifilm Group recognizes not only the potential benefits that the advancement of AI technology could bring but also bias, lack of fairness, discrimination and other risks that could occur through the use of AI. We believe that the use of AI be strictly monitored to ensure that dependence on AI does not lead to restrictions or denial of human dignity, ability and potential, or pose a threat to human lives or physical health and wellbeing. The Fujifilm Group will work on developing and supplying products and services that respect basic human rights, preventing the abuse or misuse of AI that could lead to such risks, be it intentional or incidental.

3.Ensuring Fair and Appropriate Use of AI

The Fujifilm Group recognizes that the use of AI has the capacity to create bias on data and algorithms that are used as sources of information for AI. In order to ensure fairness and appropriate application of the scope and methods involved in the use of AI, we will anticipate possible scenarios that could occur through diverse use of AI in the development and supply of products and services that employ AI, while developing an internal structure for appropriate verification. We will also constantly review the scope of our use of AI in line with the advancement of AI technology.

4.Managing Information Security

The Fujifilm Group recognizes the possibility that data collected and utilized in AI use could affect the rights and interests of individuals and organizations. We therefore continue to work on securing privacy and security to ensure that data is used appropriately. With respect to the handling of personal information, the Fujifilm Group will apply its privacy policy to ensure appropriate management and administration.

5.Ensuring Transparency

The Fujifilm Group endeavors to maintain appropriate communication in good faith to fulfill its accountability in relation to the use of AI. Through such communications to ensure transparency, we will strive to gain a high level of trust from our stakeholders, which will lead to further enhancing the accuracy of data to be obtained and thus developing more desirable products and services that utilize AI.

6.Developing Human Resource

To actively promote the use of AI, the Fujifilm Group provides in-house AI literacy education and training for human resource development, targeting researchers, developers and a wide range of other staff. We aim to foster human resources that possess a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and risks of AI use, and are capable of using AI to take on new challenges to enable the Fujifilm Group to deliver products and services that prove to be truly useful to society.

December 2020
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