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Global Security Trade Control Policy

Security Trade Control (STC) or Export Control regulations aim to safeguard global peace and security by preventing the unlawful trading of items (i.e. goods, software or technology) to destinations which may use them for illegal purposes, e.g. related to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or terrorism.
STC rules and regulations affect our global business with regard to exports and all international flows of items. The Fujifilm Group companies (which include all divisions, businesses, subsidiaries, majority-owned joint ventures, branch offices and other Fujifilm controlled entities wherever located) are legally obliged to comply with the STC rules and regulations and must be able to demonstrate that the STC compliance obligations are fulfilled. The Group companies are required to commit to the implementation and maintenance of a robust Global STC Policy to maintain security trade control.
The commitment of all the Group companies is not only for the sake of compliance with laws and regulations but also for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security. The Group companies must comply with the Fujifilm Global STC Policy and all applicable laws and regulations in their respective countries.

Fujifilm Global STC Policy

     Fujifilm Group companies shall prevent:

  1. Any concerns related to transactions regarding controlled dual-use items(*1), or regarding non-controlled dual-use items for military purposes or proliferation of WMD.
  2. Any breach of compliance with international sanctions (such as embargoes, economic sanctions or certain industry sector targeted sanctions).

    Fujifilm Group companies shall:
  3. Establish an export control structure, for which the company president shall be responsible.
  4. Comply with all applicable export control and sanctions laws and regulations in each of the countries and regions where the Fujifilm Group companies operate.
  5. Also comply with the applicable export control and sanctions laws and regulations of the United States regarding export from the U.S. or re-export outside the U.S. with respect to transactions involving items of U.S. origin or items including U.S. content.
  6. Comply with regulations of all International Treaties and Regimes, and proactively control its trade accordingly

*1 Dual-use items refers to items which can be used for both civil and military purposes

Established in May 2015