CSR Activity Report

Initiatives in India

-Efforts to end tuberculosis around the world-

India continues to face a serious situation, with the annual number of new cases accounting for about a quarter of the world's total. The Fujifilm Group is touring the vast country of India to conduct TB screening for residents in several regions.

Basic Data on India

  • Population:1,407.56 billion
  • Area:3,287,469km2
  • Capital:New Delhi
  • * Quoted from "Basic Data on India," Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Data on Tuberculosis

The number of TB cases in India accounts for 26% of the total number of cases worldwide, making TB control a major challenge.

  • Annual number of affected people:approx. 2.59 billion
  • Number of affected people per 100,000 population:188
  • * Adapted from TBFACTS.ORG, "TB incidence for "high burden" countries."

In many rural areas, the situation has been slow to improve due to a lack of understanding of the importance of early diagnosis and the lack of diagnostic facilities.

Fujifilm Group Initiatives

Based on the Indian government's plan to eliminate TB by 2025, our local subsidiary, FUJIFILM India Private Limited, , has been conducting TB screenings in various parts of India. In collaboration with state governments, medical institutions, The UNION (International Union for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Prevention) and Stop TB Partnership, we have been enabling TB screenings using Fujifilm’s compact and portable X-ray systems throughout India since 2021.

In the first phase conducted in 2021, a medical examination vehicle equipped with an X-ray room inside the vehicle visited 27 cities including Delhi and Kolkata. X-ray examinations were performed on approximately 12,000 people in areas that had not previously had access to TB screening. Diagnostic support software developed using AI technology was introduced to assist physicians in their diagnosis when evaluating the X-ray images. For those who were diagnosed with suspected tuberculosis, sputum was collected on the spot and tested at a local medical institution. As a result, 125 people tested positive through the first phase and were treated at medical institutions.

Actual medical checkups (The left side is the check-in station for X-ray exam. X-ray screenings are conducted in the truck on the right.)

Many residents lining up for X-ray TB screening

Explanation of patients’ results from the doctor in the examination car

X-ray imaging

The second phase of the program, which kicked off in September 2022, aims to raise awareness of TB screening among more than five million people, of whom approximately 30,000 will be screened with X-rays. Three vehicles equipped with portable X-ray machines are currently touring Gujarat, Kerala, and Assam, areas where access to medical care is unavailable or difficult, to conduct TB screening. For example, in Assam, a state famous for its Assam tea, Fujifilm’s portable X-ray systems were used to screen tea plantation workers.

Tea plantation in Assam

A car equipped with a portable X-ray machine

Tuberculosis screening reception

X-rays at a facility near the tea plantation

Initiatives in each country