CSR Activity Report

Initiatives in the Republic of Zambia

-Efforts to end tuberculosis around the world-

The Republic of Zambia (hereinafter referred to as Zambia), classified as a country with a high prevalence of tuberculosis (TB), urgently requires measures for early detection and treatment. The Fujifilm Group is collaborating with an NGO to establish a screening system in remote areas away from urban areas, contributing to the elimination of disparities in screening opportunities.

Basic Data on Zambia

  • Population:20.01 million
  • Area:752,610km2
  • Capital:Lusaka
  • * Quoted from “Basic Data on the Republic of Zambia” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as of June 2024)

Data on TB

The number of affected people per 100,000 population in Zambia is nearly 300, indicating a severe situation.

  • Annual number of affected people:approximately 59,000
  • Number of affected people per 100,000 population:295
  • * Quoted from “Tuberculosis profile: Zambia” by the World Health Organization (WHO) (as of June 2024)

People in areas with inadequate healthcare infrastructure must travel to urban hospitals for check-ups, leading to cases where they cannot receive screening due to travel time and expenses, resulting in worsening conditions.

Fujifilm Group’s Initiatives

In May 2023, in collaboration with the certified NPO, Rocinantes, one portable X-ray device was introduced for trial at the Liteta District Hospital in Central Province. This device was alternately loaned to four medical facilities within the province as needed for itinerant tuberculosis screening.

Over a six-month period from August 2023 to January 2024, 1,140 X-ray examinations were conducted on individuals suspected of tuberculosis, and all 121 individuals diagnosed as positive received treatment at medical facilities. This initiative has resulted in a total reduction of approximately 2.7 million yen in financial burdens, including their travel expenses to urban hospitals that were previously required.

After that, Rocinantes formally introduced four portable X-ray devices since April 2024, and they are now actively establishing a system for itinerant screening within the province.

Taking X-ray Imaging

Rocinantes staff and medical facility nurses reviewing chest X-ray images

Preparing the equipment used for X-ray imaging

Initiatives in each country