CSR activity report


Support the tangible and intangible aspects of social infrastructure in people’s lives through various products, services and technologies.

Outline of Activities in FY2018

[Target] Aim at 100% preservation of records archived on tapes
[Image]Award reception ceremony for the 7th Management of Technology and Innovation Awards

Award reception ceremony for the 7th Management of Technology and Innovation Awards

  • Won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize under the 7th Management of Technology and Innovation Awards, for developing a large-capacity data tape using barium ferrite magnetic particles that supports the age of big data and the IoT. (Fujifilm)
[Target] Shorten the inspection periods of deterioration and malfunctioning through providing a non-destructive inspection system
  • Launches the FUJIFILM Creative AI Center Brain(s) Kyushu, a research facility to develop next-generation AI technologies to streamline the inspection and diagnosis of social infrastructures including bridges.

[Other major activities]
  • Newly entered the long-range surveillance camera market in July 2019 by releasing the FUJIFILM SX800, a long-range surveillance camera with built-in zoom lens, in which our cutting-edge optical and image processing technologies are integrated.

  • Launched the cloud-based signage service, SkyDeck Media Message which enables multi-language broadcasting of information about facilities and evacuation in case of a disaster.

Future Activities and Targets

  • Promote reliable and cost effective long-term data storage with the development of magnetic tape with higher data storage capacity.

  • Promote next-generation AI technology research to improve safety in social infrastructure.

  • Develop innovative long-range surveillance cameras by combining our unique optical technology, refined through the development of 4K/8K-compatible broadcast lenses with cutting-edge image processing technology found in the “X Series” of digital cameras.

Outline of Activities in FY2018

[Target] Offering opportunities to enjoy photos that give forms to memories
  • Launched various smartphone services, including Kazoku no Kiroku (Family Record) app, FUJIFILM Prints & Gifts service, as well as a photo book service, PhotoZINE Slim-Type.
  • Launched the Premium Print Service through which customers can easily order professional-level high-quality silver prints on the Internet.
  • Held the 20th anniversary campaign to commemorate sales of instax and enhanced the product lineup.
  • Hosted photo exhibitions in Japan, the US and Europe to display works, aiming at participation by 100,000 people by 2020. Exhibited 100,000 photographs worldwide and achieved this target ahead of schedule in FY2018.
  • Started the Homesha (Praise with Photos) Project as a main partner to establish a new child-raising practice that improves children’s self-esteem by displaying their photographs at home.
[Other major activities]
  • Providing high image quality mirrorless cameras that respond to a wide range of demands from entry models to medium format models.

  • FinePix 4700Z, the world’s first digital camera with honeycomb-structured CCD, was registered as Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology by the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo.


  • Received the Award for Excellence “Art of Moment Award” at Japan Mécénat Awards 2018, in recognition of FUJIFILM SQUARE activities.

Future Activities and Targets

  • Offer products, services, and opportunities that disseminate the various ways to enjoy photography across the world, including shooting, preserving, displaying and gifting photographs.

  • Launch a cloud photo archive service which uses AI to manage the uploaded digital photographs or scanned analog data.

  • Further dissemination of open participation photo exhibitions worldwide.