CSR activity report


Support the tangible and intangible aspects of social infrastructure in people’s lives through various products, services and technologies.

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Targets for FY2030 Major activities of FY2020 Self-
(1) Develop technologies for products and services and promote their greater use to contribute to the development of ICT society
  • Developed technology to deliver high magnetic tape storage capacity of 580TB using strontium ferrite magnetic particles
  • Enhanced AI-based functions of Fujifilm infrastructure photo analysis service Hibimikke
(2) Contribute to enhancing the safety of infrastructure through more efficient inspections for the deterioration and malfunctioning of buildings and structures
Targets for FY2030 Major activities of FY2020 Self-
Contribute to enriching and making people’s lives peaceful through records of photos and videos, and photographic products that give form to memories
  • Renewed photobook service Year Album with new personazlied fuctions leveraging AI technology
  • Launched instax SQUARE SQ1, a new entry model compatible with popular square format film
  • Launched mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM GFX100S with advanced portability and superior image quality

With these changes in methods of communication and even in the midst of this “new normal,” we want everyone to enjoy using photographs to build close relationships between people. We will work to provide products that show people the power of photographs by offering from instant photo systems that allow photographs to be printed on the spot to high-end and mid-range digital cameras. We will also provide opportunities for people to enjoy photographs directly at photo exhibitions, etc. We are using the highdefinition image processing technology we created in developing our medical diagnostic imaging systems to help build a safe and secure ICT society. Our non-destructive testing systems and diagnostic imaging services for tunnels and bridges are being used to improve the safety of the social infrastructure, along with our high-capacity magnetic tapes and high-performance semiconductor materials.