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Customers’ Opinions Use Cases

(FUJIFILM’s Activities)

At Fujifilm and our affiliates, we actively utilize the customers’ opinions toward the improvement of products and services.

The instax instant camera instax Series is a popular item customers are quite familiar with, because of “carrying it around easily anytime” and “printing a photo shot on the spot.”

In response to “request to be more particular about photographic expressions on the instax,” we released the instax SQUARE, which allows you to print photos in a square format. The square format expands the scope of photo possibilities, and using the 1:1 aspect ratio in the composition allows for the capture of impressive photos, contributing to its favorable reception. We aim for a diverse lineup to answer our customers’ needs even further!

instax SQUARE SQ6
Take original single shots with the simple click of a button. From Selfie Mode to Double Exposure Mode, this camera comes equipped with a bevy of photography functions. Use the Flash Color Filters included to enjoy photos casting the subject in a unique light.

instax SQUARE SQ20
This camera comes equipped with a Motion Mode, in response to the “difficulty in photographing moving subjects” expressed by our customers. Record up to 15 seconds, allowing you to capture the decisive moments of even a moving subject and take photos with dynamic movement. In addition to the joy offered by editing and processing with a vast array of filters, this instax is the first of its kind to come equipped with a zoom feature.

In response to customer complaints that “refills are annoying to swap in,” Fujifilm completely remodeled the product container. We adopted a simple bottle structure allowing for easy refills.

We also nano-scaled the existing unique components in the serum to match. The powered-up product is even more effective at preventing sun-related skin damage.

Machine vision is a mechanizing visual inspection system and process control work humans can only perform in a limited capacity, such as manufacturing process, code scanning, object enumeration and flaw detection. 

The machine vision lens is the essential “eye” of this inspection process. The pursuit of miniaturization leads to screws becoming extremely small, and customers have talked of them “going missing during use.” Thus, we resolved the issue by adopting fall prevention screws on our new products.

We opened a new show room to answer customer expectations, offering a space for them to experience the appeal of digital cameras and high-resolution printing up-close. Here they could try the cutting-edge digital camera X and GFX Series hands-on. 

We offered various seminars, from introductory courses aimed at beginners learning how to use cameras, to high-level courses like the photography practical course.

We also offered a camera/lens rental service, exhibited prints such as photos books, and suggested different ways to enjoy photos. At the joint photo exhibition space Gallery X, attendees could enjoy high-resolution, large-print works taken by noted photographers.