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Activities Incorporating Customers' Feedback

(FUJIFILM’s Activities In Japan)

At Fujifilm and our affiliates in Japan, we actively incorporate the customers' feedback toward the improvement of products and services.

The instant-camera INSTAX SQUARE was born from customer feedback!

The instant-camera INSTAX is popular among many customers because it is easy to carry around at any time and can be printed immediately after taking a picture. In response to the customer's request to "expand the range of photographic expressions" in this INSTAX, "INSTAX SQUARE" was born, which can print in square format.

The square format has a wider shooting range than the conventional card-sized mini format, and if you take advantage of the 1:1 aspect ratio and devise a composition, you can take impressive photos, expanding the range of photographic expression and becoming a popular format across countries and generations. We will continue to expand our lineup to meet the expectations of our customers.

[image] "INSTAX SQUARE" was born, which can print in square format.


This is an analog stunt camera with a luxurious leather-like classic design and a comfortable texture that fits comfortably in the hand. You can easily enjoy square format printing with simple operability, such as the auto exposure function that automatically adjusts the brightness, and the selfie mode that is ideal for selfies and close-ups.



A smartphone printer that supports square format film. You can print images from your smartphone by downloading a special application. It has two new features that expand your enjoyment of photography.

  1. The "AR Print" function lets you overlay various AR effects to color your cheki prints.
  2. "INSTAX Connect" is a function that allows you to overlay chat messages on the smartphone images.
    This is a smartphone printer that allows you to think outside the box and enjoy expressions that go beyond normal INSTAX prints.

Making Camera Operations Easier to Understand with Online Videos

We have created online videos in response to customer feedback that they are “having trouble connecting their digital camera to their smartphone.” There are videos for each step and for each type of smartphone. We made sure the videos are easy to understand by displaying subtitles on the screen and adding narrations.

In response to the increasing number of requests for “a course on the basics of how to use a camera”, we have also released a video explaining how to use our popular FUJIFILM X-S10 digital camera on YouTube.

We will continue to expand available content so that customers can make the most out of our products.

Click here for the videos (Japanese only)

Camera remote (android)




Camera remote (iOS)




How to use the X-S10 (Japanese only)

Opened “Z-Lab,” a Space to Experience Our Business Projectors

Our business projectors are used to project clear, bright images on large screens. In addition to company meeting rooms and school auditoriums, it is used for signage*1 and spatial presentations such as projection mapping. When proposing this projector to corporate clients, we received questions about how it performs in the actual environments of use, such as, “how bright is it when there is light indoors or outdoors?,” “how gripping are the merged videos?,” and “how immersive is the virtual space?” 

In response, we opened “Z-Lab*2” so that clients can experience our business projectors for themselves. We have set up a 200-inch motorized transmissive screen along with the actual projectors. Visitors can view demos of signage and experience the virtual space created by a four-sided projection. The lab’s lighting is equipped with a dimmer function so that projections can be simulated according to the client’s environment.

  • *1 Refers to advertising boards and posters for commercial use.
  • *2 We do not accept reservations from non-corporate customers.
[image]Opened “Z-Lab,” a Space to Experience Our Business Projectors
[image]Opened “Z-Lab,” a Space to Experience Our Business Projectors

Response to Customer Requests “to Make the Jelly AQUARYSTA Available in the Skin Care Cosmetics ASTALIFT WHITE Series”

In response to the many requests we received from customers, we have made the face serum ASTALIFT WHITE Jelly AQUARYSTA available in Japan from March 2021. We spent about ten years developing this product. In making a new Jelly AQUARYSTA, we carefully examined each and every product design and ingredient in order to “satisfy customers with a product that offers new functions that were not available in the ASTALIFT series thus far.” The packaging is also filled with special details. We chose a glossy silver with a red gradient for a design that perfectly suits the “WHITE” in the name.

[image]ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta