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Create Environments That Lead to Motivated Workplace (Priority Issue 1)

In fiscal 2021, the Fujifilm Group set a new KPI for fiscal 2030 in the field of Work Style in SVP2030. The goal is to provide 50 million workers with work styles that help them increase their productivity and heighten creativity with solutions and services that drive business innovation. We aim to contribute to the transformation of our customers' business processes by providing various solutions and services, such as DocuWorks, document handling software that contributes to work efficiency, and electronic signature solutions that meet the need for faster contract processing.

In March 2023, FUJIFILM Business Innovation (FB) acquired an IT company, MicroChannel Services Pty. Limited., and relaunched it under the name FUJIFILM MicroChannel Services (MicroChannel). The acquisition marks the full-scale global expansion of FB’s ERP business. Going forward, FB will leverage the highly experienced IT personnel and advanced technological capabilities of MicroChannel to expand the value it provides to customers and accelerate the growth of its solutions business, including through collaboration with the Fujifilm Group’s existing businesses.

We also aim to contribute to the creation of innovation in society by providing solutions and services that lead to customers' work style reforms based on our own work style reforms. Going forward, we will continue to actively implement work style innovation initiatives utilizing DX in various fields within the company.


Reform of the development and production processes through the full utilization of 3D data

Manufacturing sites, where the on-site confirmation of actual goods has been a basic practice, are also included in the targets of our work style reforms.

To prevent delays in schedules and process rework, which tend to cause cost increases, we have been working on front-loading*1 mass production design, with which quality is developed in the early phases of design. Our design department and production department cooperate by sharing design data, which has resulted in the significant reduction of the frequency of internal rework and the number of returns from suppliers. We have also established a system, in which cost is estimated automatically with a high precision in an early phase using 3D data. This has significantly reduced the number of cases where a product is redesigned to achieve the cost target. This system has been also provided outside the company in Japan, and it leads to problem solving at the manufacturing site.

  • *1 Front-loading: Proceeding with tasks, which were done in later processes, at an earlier stage by investing resources in the initial process of product development

Activities of each operating company

Contribution to work style that FUJIFILM Business Innovation aims at (FUJIFILM Business Innovation)