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Create Environments That Lead to Motivated Workplace (Priority Issue 1)

The Fujifilm Group seeks to contribute to creating social innovation by providing solution services that lead to customers’ work style reforms based on our own reforms. To realize this—and collaborating with stakeholders inside and outside the company— we ensure that each one of our diverse employees identifies their own strengths and can exert their capabilities to the fullest extent in order to generate business performance in a productive working manner. We are now improving the work environment and providing a range of training programs.

In terms of FY2018 work style reform, both Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox focused on promoting efficient working by strictly controlling overtime working and providing mobile PCs to all employees. Fujifilm increased opportunities for ICT HR training programs to improve productivity through effective data utilization in each workplace, and Fuji Xerox changed their system to enable location-free work style, such as remote working and home working.

As for the work style reforms for our customers, we are increasing a range of solution services based on our value proposition strategy, Smart Work Innovation, which we announced in 2018.

On April 17, 2019, Yokohama City and Fuji Xerox concluded a partnership agreement to realize Innovation City Yokohama. We plan to conduct a demonstration experiment of work style reforms utilizing the latest technologies, such as AI, and organize an environment to generate innovation toward realizing Innovation City Yokohama. Since the foundation of its R&D center in Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama, Fuji Xerox has been working to create new technologies in collaboration with other companies. Yokohama City is one such partner. We are actively forming partnerships and alliances with various companies and organizations to help resolve social issues concerning work styles.

Solution Services that Support Work Style Reform (1)

Automating complicated document workflows to streamline accounts payable management procedures

Enhancing creativity and productivity of working people is one of the aims of work style reform and companies are striving to streamline administrative work. However, it is not easy to realize, and managing accounts payable is a typical example that highlights the difficulty. Invoice formats can vary depending on the supplier, and so the automatic processing of these invoices has been considered difficult. Moreover, employees in charge of invoice processing need to spend a lot of time circulating the related documents among the approvers responsible for payments and then filing the documents.

Fuji Xerox Accounts Payable Management Automation Solution Service is designed to streamline this complex procedure. The service enables to extract data from various formats of invoices using OCR*1 through AI-based machine learning. Knowledge accumulated through repeating the task improves the data extraction accuracy, making the data analysis easier. Our service reduces the burden of complicated manual invoice handling and shortens the lead time from payment approval application to approval by managers. It also visualizes unhandled payments and unprocessed invoices, reinforcing financial governance.

This service was realized by combining the expertise accumulated by Fuji Xerox for document management with “Esker on Demand,” an accounts payable management service provided by Esker.*2 The service was first launched in New Zealand, and then in Japan. We will also expand it to Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Fuji Xerox New Zealand has been offering the service since 2016 and has introduced it to customers in a variety of industries, including government, construction, education, retail, agriculture, and manufacturing. An analysis after installing the service compared to the previous manual operations in the company showed a 65% improvement in processing speed of accounts payable invoices and 5.3 times more invoices processed per person.

Aiming to promote “the transformation of society where everyone can enjoy fulfilling work” by 2030, Fuji Xerox has been offering various solution services that support work style reform. Since 2018, when we announced Smart Work Innovation, we are proactively forming partnerships and alliances with other companies to increase services to improve productivity and streamline their business workflows. We continue to contribute to creating innovations for organizations and society through offering our solution services to help working people improve the productivity and creativity.

*1 OCR: Optical character recognition. A technology to convert handwritten or printed characters into digital format for use by a computer through reading the characters with a scanner or digital camera.

*2 Esker: A global company with advanced technology in the field of cloud-based document processing automation software. More than 6,000 companies across the world use their services. Their head offices are located in Lyon in France and Madison, Wisconsin, in the US. Their business covers North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

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Solution Services that Support Work Style Reform (2)

Comfortable, secured, and easy-to-use security networks to enable flexible work styles

Along with progress of work style reform, rapid expansion of IT utilization, and the technological innovation, diversification of working styles that are flexible in time and location, such as teleworking, are expanding. At the same time, information security risks, such as cyber attacks and crimes and unauthorized access through websites, are also expanding—with targets from the public sector and large companies to SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Because such SMEs often lack the enough human resources dedicated to information security, experience in security system operations, or have financial burdens, handling of information security risks is becoming increasingly demanding for such companies.

To solve such difficult issues in SMEs which account for approximately 70% of all employees in Japan, since 2002, Fuji Xerox has been offering a security service called “beat”*1 to SMEs for securing their networking environments as well as providing a regular updating service for information security. “beat” features Fuji Xerox’s one-stop service that manages installation, operation, and maintenance of the system, as well as ensured service quality across Japan based on our nation-wide sales network. We have delivered a total of 70,000 security devices for “beat” service to date. In 2019, we released the option, “beat Cloud Connection Service” to help customers use the Amazon Web Services (AWS)*2 with grater safety.

Security risks have been expanding in multiple aspects recently and even large companies are facing the challenges of making investments and hiring IT staff. For the next stage of “beat” service, we have launched a new service called Smart Cyber Security for business of all sizes to enjoy the value provided by “beat” from SMEs to large enterprise. We plan to enhance the range of our safe network services for a wider range of customers so that they can enable flexible work styles for their employees.

  • *1 beat: A secure network outsourcing service that fully supports security measures and communication network functions in office. As the key feature of the service, Fuji Xerox offers outsourcing services for a range of operations on building, maintaining and managing the communication network systems. A variety of security measures are provided based on the installation of a security device called the beat-box, and the “beat-noc” Network Operation Center monitors the networking situation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Moreover, the beat Contact Center can support quick recovery in case of network failures.
  • *2 Amazon Web Services: A cloud computing service offered by Amazon.com.
<Diagram of the “beat” service>

Optimizing Business Processes by Data Utilization

Data Scientist Training Programs—human resources development program for digital data utilization

Training graduates become trainers to spread their knowledge across the company

Training graduates become trainers to spread their knowledge across the company

As a part of its work style reform, Fujifilm is actively streamlining work processes by effective data utilization and training employees to adopt such data utilization. We established the Digital Reform Committee in 2017. In February 2018, we also started various training programs for leading human resources, including the Hands-On Data Scientist Introductory Course, which teaches operations and usage examples of the latest BI tools*1. This was followed by the Data Scientist Practical Work Follow-Up Course to enable actual application of their knowledge in data utilization. To date, more than 400 employees from 63 departments attended the Introductory Course and more than 100 from 38 departments attended the Follow-Up Course. The results from attendees started appearing as productivity improvements and reduced costs. In March 2019, we held the Data Science Festa as an opportunity to present good practices concerning data utilization. The festa welcomed some 500 attendants, including those from group companies , showing the high interest of employees.

Although these training programs are only given in Fujifilm at the moment, we plan to prepare the education system in order to refine business processes and create new products and services utilizing ICT across the Group.

*1 BI tools: Tools to help faster decision making by collecting and analyzing a large volume of data accumulated in a company. Such tools include Tableau (a data visualization tool) and KH Coder (quantitative content analysis or text mining software).

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