CSR activity report│Work Style

Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources (Priority Issue 2)

The Fujifilm Group believes that we can contribute to a richer society by generating new values through respecting, accepting, and being inspired by each employee’s personality and individuality regardless of their backgrounds and values. We aim to be a robust organization where diversified employees can exert their capabilities to the fullest extent.

In FY2018, we have achieved positive results on the percentage of women in executive and managerial positions, and the employment rate of people with disabilities. This was achieved through a number of efforts, including maintaining and enhancing the flexible work style to suit different life stages, such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care; implementing job retention measures for employees with disabilities; and providing workshops for female employees. We are also maintaining our efforts in training and making optimum HR allocation globally.

The Fujifilm Group implements the following measures to develop individuals who can survive global business competition: (1) Reinforcing employees’ global business capabilities including language skills; (2) Providing opportunities for overseas working experience and systematic job appointments for skill development; and (3) Developing talented local employees in overseas subsidiaries and proactively appointing such employees. In FY2018, we identified major positions in overseas subsidiaries (Global Executive Positions) and provided the Regional Leadership Program to train successors for each region. In addition, we are reinforcing our human resource portfolio to expand business globally by accepting overseas subsidiary employees and foreign students in Japanese offices, as well as increasing the number of foreign national employees.

Further, we are providing future executive training programs based on carrier stage to develop core employees responsible for corporate management in the future.

To enable employees who have various values to continue to perform well, we are expanding our flexible work styles, such as work-at-home system and more accessible paid holidays, so that our employees can continue working while experiencing major life events, such as childcare and nursing care. We are also raising awareness of work-life balance by providing a range of related seminars. We are particularly focusing on women empowerment in the office through multidimensional support, along with OJT and OFF-JT to develop human resources to play core roles. In order to increase the percentage of women in executive and managerial positions, Fujifilm has been offering a number of support programs, including the Re- Employment Program, the Work-at-Home System, and the Paid Leave by the Hour System from the viewpoint of skill application of diverse employees as a part of our Work Style Innovation activities, which we started in 2014. Fujifilm’s other women empowerment programs include the career design training program for women employees, the job returning support program after childcare leave, and a work balance support seminar, etc. In addition to similar programs to those of Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox also implements a range of measures under their action plan based on the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. In FY2018, Fuji Xerox offered a training program for women sales staff and customer engineers to help create career plans and share gender-specific issues and countermeasures in male-dominated workplaces. The company also published the Managers’ Guide to Support Employees in Childcare to enable them to appropriately handle communications, welfare, and performance appraisals for employees who are involved with pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare at each stage.

As a part of diversity enhancement, we are promoting the employment of people with disabilities under the medium to long-term targets. In FY2018, the rate within the entire Fujifilm Group reached 2.35% as a result of reinforcement of inter-group collaborations based on the group-wide calculation method under FUJIFILM Holdings. We aim to create workplaces where everyone are motivated regardless of their disabilities.

Reforming the Work Environment

Providing work spaces to help productivity

The three work spaces are PARK, where people can gather to exchange ideas freely; PIT, where they can concentrate on their work for efficiency; and PORT, available as a satellite work space or for solo work.

The Fujifilm Group is improving office facilities toward creating a better work environment. In Tokyo Midtown, where the head offices of FUJIFILM Holdings, Fujifilm, and Fuji Xerox are located, a part of the canteen and cafeteria were transformed into three work spaces to promote Communication, Action, Reading, and Planning in May 2018. Besides that, one space is allocated as a free-address office for some divisions, the others are shared spaces equipped with high tables and stools for rapid communications, booth seats, and telephone boxes allowing employees to work with remote partners without worrying about their surroundings. This is an example of our attempts to realize new ways of working. Since August 2019, we have been refurbishing the central area of each floor to create characteristics specific to that floor and offer a free space that employees can use according to their purposes. We believe that employees can adopt more efficient and creative manners of working by offering them an environment where employees can choose the place to work according to their purpose. We plan to expand this attempt to other offices assessing the results from the current design.

Activities of each operating company

Human Resource Development (Fujifilm)

Diversity (Fujifilm)

Developing Human Resources Who Think and Act Independently (Fuji Xerox)

Major Activities in FY 2018 in Engagement with Employee (Fuji Xerox)