Sustainable Value Plan 2030


Improve and maintain governance structures by further disseminating an open, fair and clear corporate culture.

Social Background and Issues

To continue to be as a valued member of society and to grow, the company must meet the expectations of its various stakeholders and to win the trust of society. To fulfill its social responsibilities and promote sustainable growth and long-term improvement in corporate value, the company must conduct its business activities in accordance with the social code of conduct, with an emphasis on transparency and fairness. It is important to improve corporate governance, which is essential for swift and bold decision-making, and implement measures that lead to corporate growth and improvement in corporate value alongside changes in the business environment.

Goals under Sustainable Value Plan 2030

Improve and maintain governance structures.

Under its Corporate Philosophy and Vision upholding an open, fair and clear corporate culture, the Fujifilm Group is determined to promote sustainable growth and improve its corporate value through sincere and fair business activities and to contribute to the sustainable development of society. To achieve this, corporate governance, which underlies all such efforts, has been confirmed once again as a major issue. We will develop, maintain and continue to strengthen corporate governance through reinforcement of internal controls and audit systems.

Priority Issues

Improve and maintain governance structures

Target for 2030

Aim for zero cases of misconduct and major legal violations by disseminating an open, fair and clear corporate culture