Sustainable Value Plan 2030

Daily Life

Support the tangible and intangible aspects of social infrastructure in people's lives through various products, services and technologies.

Social Issues

As industrial and economic development proceed urbanization, our lives have become more convenient and comfortable. At the same time, however, stress and a sense of isolation from society have surfaced as serious issues. In particular, the breakneck speed in the spread of information has created new sources of entertainment and services, but at the same time has generated anxiety and risk as well. To build a society that is both sound and sustainable, we must build an infrastructure and environment that will enable everyone to live with a feeling of security and safety and develop communication methods that provide mental support and a sense of fulfillment in life.

Goals under Sustainable Value Plan 2030

  1. Contribute to creating a safe and secure society.

  2. Contribute to enriching humanity and relationships between people.

Photography, the original business of the Fujifilm Group, has the power to preserve memories of events and help us to lead fulfilling lives. The Fujifilm Group contributes to preserving culture and history, as well as information that is vital to society, and to developing a society that is safe, with less crime and fewer accidents through infrastructure development utilizing technologies that were created from photographic film manufacturing. We have also renewed our awareness into the power of photography to enrich lives and we are developing and disseminating new products and services that lead to strengthening relationships between people and to enriching everyday life.

Priority Issues

1. Contribute to Creating a Safe and Secure Society

Target for 2030

(1) Develop technologies for products and services and promote their greater use to contribute to the development of an ICT.
(2) Contribute to enhancing the safety of infrastructure through more efficient inspections for the deterioration and malfunctioning of buildings and structures.

Internet crime, spread along with the rapid advancement of the information society, careless digital data management, and the deterioration of infrastructure are some of these risks. The Fujifilm Group continues to develop and disseminate new technologies that address such ever-changing social risks to minimize their possible damage. In concrete, we are contributing to building a safe and secure society by offering secure means of digital data storage over a long period of time in this big data era, improving information security, and helping to maintain the infrastructure.

2. Contribute to Enriching Humanity and Relationships between People

Target for 2030

Contribute to enriching and making people’s lives peaceful through records of photos and videos, and photographic products that give form to memories.

The wide-spread use of smartphones and SNSs has made photographs an important and indispensable daily communication tool, enabling people to express themselves and share their feelings with each other. As a leading company of photographs, the Fujifilm Group connects people heart-to-heart, disseminating the value of photographs to enrich their lives. By providing a various way to enjoy photography, including shooting, preserving, displaying, and gifting, we always aim to expand the potential of photography keeping up with the times, and contribute to the development of photographic and imaging culture and realization of enriching lives in society.